Sasquatch: The Ongoing Mystery

Greetings Penguins!

As promised in my last post, this one will be regarding the recently discovered Sasquatch and the mystery that surrounds the Party Hat-wearing beast. Where did it come from? Where did it go? (where did it come from Cotton-Eye Joe?)


Firstly, I will presume that you all know who Sasquatch is. If not, see my past post entitled ‘A wild Sasquatch Appeared!’. Anyways, the Sasquatch appeared for a short time last month just before the Frozen Party started as a mascot. Lucky penguins who managed to find the rapid-moving large creature were gifted with an exclusive Mystery Background. Unlike all other normal mascots however, the Sasquatch did not receive any meet up times or even acknowledgement from the CP Team. How odd..

Then, several days later, it stopped visiting. It was unable to be encountered on the island and simply disappeared just as it had appeared – without explanation. Not even an article in the CP Times discussed it. Personally, I figured that CP would keep it undercover until September when they would likely throw a Wilderness Expedition or something. Its’ possible mountain cave home (that can be seen from the Ski Hill) got a short mention in the newspaper; but has since failed to receive any further attention. In said paper, it stated that the cave glows at night (which currently doesn’t exist on CP – could that also be a hint of night time coming to the game?). Surely if an unknown cave begins to glow with no explanation, someone, whether the EPF or just curious penguins, would go investigate? Especially given a certain Polar Bear hasn’t attacked in a while..

Sasquatch’s Next Appearance

Instead of any wilderness or mountain expedition as we’ve seen before, September will hold the School and Skate Party. It is extremely unlikely that the Sasquatch will be involved in this party at all. Will it start appearing again before the party starts? Who knows. Maybe it will be featured in a mini-party, if there is one this month. Thus far, we’ve heard nothing regarding one so it seems unlikely which is a shame as they were enjoyable. Mini-parties haven’t featured the introduction of new mascots thus far, so the Sasquatch’s purpose seems to extend to a full-length party. 

October – the month of Halloween and CP’s Anniversary. Sasquatch is quite the beast, so it could possibly fit in with Halloween. The Beta Hat it wears also fits in with the upcoming 9th Anniversary Party. Surely that’s it! The Sasquatch is set for an official confirmation in October and will play a role within the month’s events!! Sadly, that was sarcasm. It seems that a Sasquatch-themed October is very unlikely due to the amount of stuff already going on. However, with night time a regular feature of the Halloween series, it will be interesting to see if the cave really does glow at night like the rumours suggest.

This means that November is the only remaining month of the year which will contain some sort of expedition to discover the animal. Why? Well, it cannot be December as Sasquatch really does not fit in with the Christmas – sorry – Holiday party. November is the absolute perfect time for it to arrive. It keeps the mystery going throughout 3 months and whilst many have already forgotten it exists, it has a old-CP feeling of mystery that continues for some time before it is solved. I.e Puffles (the Yellow, White and Orange in particular) used to appear in the wild every half an hour or so weeks before they were adoptable, which was more exciting than today’s quests for the [insert colour or species] Puffles. 


So, as the Halloween Party approaches and the sunlight of the island makes way for a fortnight-long period of constant darkness, I predict the golden glow of artificial lighting will be seen from the mountain cave visible from Ski Hill; effectively rebooting the mystery of the Sasquatch and proving rumours correct. Penguins will be confused as to who or what lives there. Undoubtedly Herbert will be mentioned, but we know this won’t be the his home due to the Newspaper stating that ‘Others say that it’s the home of the Sasquatch’. Then, as the party is in full swing (or after it ends), more newspaper reports will surface regarding the mysterious light – just in time for November. 

As for what exactly the team have in planned for the great beast of the wilderness, I’m not sure. I look forward to see what it is and hope they have something great planned with an awesome backstory for it. The biggest mystery lay’s with it’s Beta Hat. I can’t wait to hear how “It’s been here since the beginning”. One problem remains however, if my theory is correct, which I think there’s a good chance it is (why else would the Newspaper state the cave glows at night?), what about Card-Jitsu? November has been the month of Ninjas for many years, though I doubt Card-Jitsu Shadow is anywhere near completion yet. We shall have to wait!

Next Time: I will be discussing how to identify whether a penguin has used third-party software to add rare items!

Random CP Fact #25: Entering the code CELEBRA5 on the Unlock Items Online screen will unlock the Spanish 5th Year Hat for your penguin. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson

School and Skate Party – First Impressions

Greetings Penguins!

I know, I know. 2 posts in a week for me nowadays is a rarity. For those who don’t already know, I quit the standard blogging a few years ago due to the time constraints and how blogging every single thing CP did or released got tiresome after 5 years. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun while it lasted, but wow can it be a tiring job. Not to mention, there’s plenty of other fan blogs out there that do update everything that occurs. I prefer to write posts when I feel like it, therefore resulting in better work rather than when I felt like I was forced to.

School and Skate Party?

Anyways, with the relative success of the Frozen party almost behind us, we have the School & Skate party to look forward to this month. CP has never thrown any party in which was based upon school; yes it can be argued that the Prom mini-party and the Monster’s University takeover contained school themes, it wasn’t quite as direct. The announcement of this party was no doubt met with sceptical people asking ‘why?’. School is not exactly the most fun time for everyone. Undoubtedly it can be fun sometimes, learning Maths and English is something that I doubt many penguins will be looking forward to.

School is a major part of our lives. In fact, it consumes our entire childhood and continues into our late teenage years. We are forced to endure countless hours in what is often a crowded environment full of people we may or may not like. Learning Maths can be fun for some, but a nightmare of numbers for others. The same applies for school itself; some despise it whilst some cannot wait to return every day to learn something new.

I’m sure no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll agree that CP and indeed many other online, console or any type of games or entertainment is an escape from school life. It’s nice to get home and forget about waking up early tomorrow morning by waddling around with some friends on CP, or indeed shooting people to death on the latest Call of Duty. 

So, after the joy that is the summer holidays bids farewell and back to school adverts grace our television with typical negative responses from those attending, the last thing we want is to be reminded even on our online escapisms. Yes, CP usually releases back to school themed items such as the iconic Letterman Jacket and different coloured backpacks, but that’s as far as it goes. September was once home to The Fair – then dubbed as the Fall Fair on the island of CP. In recent years we’ve also seen the Medieval Party take this spot.

Upon Megg’s confirmation of the School-themed party on the What’s New Blog, it became evident of what CP was trying to do. She insisted back to school shopping was so much fun and stated how much we all love school which was received with controversy by much of the community. CP will also be helping to build schools in Ecuador, Haiti and India which is of course a grand gesture; but do we really need a party based on school?

Of course, it’s far too early to determine the success or indeed the downfall of this party. Thus far, I’ve seen more negative responses than I have positive. Personally, I find that many use CP as an escape from reality and school in particular, so to be reminded of this is somewhat annoying. There’s also the factor that the Skating element is more popular towards the American community, and we will undoubtedly see the stereotypical Nerds, Jocks and Cheerleaders that are popular in that culture. Whatever the party entails, you can be sure it will be receiving a critical review upon its’ release. :)

Next Time: I will be discussing the ongoing mystery that is the Sasquatch! 

Random CP Fact #24: During the Christmas Party 2007, the rare Christmas Scarf was accidentally released several days too early – for only half an hour. It was then re-released on December 24th 2007 as originally planned. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson

Frozen Party – Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

One of the most highly anticipated parties of the year will be concluding very soon. The Frozen Party, or takeover if you will, was apparently one of the most highly requested parties amongst the CP fanbase. Whilst many weren’t exactly happy about another Disney sponsored party, the announcement of this one seemed to excite more than it did disappoint. Did it live up to expectations or will penguins be pleased to let it go?

The Good:

  • This was a brand new, never-before-seen party that included both elements of summer and winter. Penguins could freeze and unfreeze rooms giving said room a winter or summery feel, or even a mixture of both. Like the film, the party contained all our favourite Frozen characters including Olaf, Marshmallow and Queen Elsa. However, unlike the Muppet’s takeover, none of these characters were actually mascots like Kermit was. Instead, members could transform into Olaf and Marshmallow whilst Queen Elsa would perform in her ice palace within the second week of the party.
  • New items: This party saw the introduction of a plethora of new items. A massive 15 items were available and that’s not even including the Ice Palace igloo, the Ice furniture items or Queen Elsa’s background. As per, not every item was available for everyone. 7 Items out of 15 (again not including those discussed prior) were available for Members, so overall a fairly healthy number.
  • New Igloo & Furiture items: As discussed previously, this party saw Queen Elsa give out a free Ice Palace igloo for everyone. Yes, everyone! This is the second igloo released for everyone at a party, with the first being the Sweet Swirl Igloo from the Holiday Party 2013. Not only this but everyone could even get a set of ice-themed furniture items. This included 5 Ice Thrones, 10 Ice Rugs and 3 Ice Dining Tables. Awesome!
  • New Puffle: One of the main member features of this party was the ability to build your own Snowman Puffle. Whilst sounding like a unique customisation possibility, it was actually the ability of adopting a Olaf-themed puffle inspired by the character from the film. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of the mass introduction of so many Puffles lately, at least it’s not one of those strange Puffle Creatures (i.e Dino, Dog, Cat Puffles).
  • Decorated Island: Hallelujah, the island is decorated. Unlike the controversy with last month’s Music Jam, the majority of the island is decorated. Each room has 2 versions, a summer-ish theme and a frozen theme. The fact that we have control over which version we get (and can freeze some areas giving the room variety) is definitely a good thing. I would’ve liked to see more snow however, with perhaps the snow falling animation seen during Elsa’s performance being used in other rooms.


  • Scavenger Hunt/Quest: Upon logging in, we were instantly made aware of how to earn items. Simply heading to one of the rooms stated (Town, Dock, Beach etc) and looking for 3 snowflakes per room would unlock items. Although this sounds pretty fun, the sheer size of the snowflakes made finding them a task simpler than logging in. This meant the average penguin could find all the snowflakes and unlock all items in 2 minutes or under. After that, there was little else to do other than wait for Queen Elsa’s performance.
  • Winter in August: There was something about having a Frozen party in August that seemed strange. Yes I understand that the film does actually take place in Summer before everything becomes frozen, but I would’ve preferred something more focused around the warmest season. Last year’s Teen Beach Movie did exactly that, which is why it remains one of my favourite sponsored parties thus far.
  • Interior Decorations: Or rather the lack of. Nowadays, the island isn’t as decorated as it used to be. Parties often include a new room or set of rooms, such as the Music Jam, where the majority of the party take place. When this happens, most of the island gets ignored, with only the Town, Plaza and sometimes the Dock getting a decorated version. However, when the island does get decorated, the interiors of these rooms almost never get a makeover. The Frozen Party is no exception. The Coffee Shop has had no attention, nor has the Dance Club or even the Pizza Parlour. These three used to always receive some form of contextual re-design when there was a party occurring.
  • Members get more: We all get it by now. Members get more items and can typically transform at modern parties. If said event includes a new puffle or a body item it’s around 99% likely that it will be for Members only. Whilst this is understandable, after all, CP is a business and needs to generate income, it still seems a little unnecessary. Non-members are in desperate need of a new puffle. The last one were the Red Puffles in 2006. That’s 8 years without a new puffle. Would one more puffle really prevent that much income for the company? As for body items, the same applies.

Overall, the Frozen Party is one that received mixed reviews. Yes, many enjoyed the decorated island and the majority of the content, but many also found that the quests were far too easy and the lack of a mascot meant there was nobody to hunt down and receive that limited background. For those who are looking forward to the month of back to school adverts, school itself and the departure of summer for yet another year can also look forward to CP’s next party – the School and Skate Party. I will discuss this in more detail soon.

Random CP Fact #23: The Summer Kickoff Party 2007 contained 5 free items for everyone which was a record at the time. These were the Blue Lei, the Ice Cream Apron, the Green Inflatable Duck, a Flower Headdress and the Green Sunglasses.

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson

Wild Sasquatch Appeared!

Greetings Penguins!

I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the latest mascot coming to CP. Is it Rory, is it Jet Pack Guy? No, it’s a Bigfoot/Sasquatch creature with a Beta Hat. You heard right, the thing has it’s very own Beta Hat. Here’s a picture of his artwork.



For those of you that are unaware, Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) is a mythical ape-like creature that is rumoured to inhabit forest areas in the wilderness. You may also recognise these names as they are both names given to servers on Club Penguin. There is little known about this guy other than rather than being like a bi-pedal ape he (or she?) has a beak, so it is quite a bizarre creation. Anyhow, this guy is rumoured to live in the cave that can be seen from Ski Hill – especially given Aunt Arctic’s report about said place in a recent Club Penguin Times article.

cave mystery

Still not convinced? Well our big-footed-friend can actually be found on the island! Like any other mascot, he is currently meetable in-game and will give a free background upon clicking the button on its’ playercard. It’s currently known as “??????” much like Sensei was during the Dig out the Dojo project way back in 2008. There are also several rumours that it is meetable on the Club Penguin app too. It should be relatively easy to spot due to its’ bigger size when compared to penguins (like Herbert) and of course that signature Beta Hat.

How did this thing get a Beta Hat?!

I’m sure this question will be asked a lot when the creature becomes more acknowledged on the island. Currently, it’s a mystery. Sensei has stated that he indeed does have one himself, but that’s understandable as he left the island and returned in 2008 from his travels to train ninjas – plus – he’s old. Sasquatch’s Beta Hat indicates that he has been around for a while which should provide CP with the ability to hopefully produce an interesting backstory of how it has been here since the beginning. However, the sheer size of it’s Beta Hat far outsizes the standard one possessed by rare penguins – which looks odd when you notice the creature in game. The hat is about half the size of the penguins themselves. It would’ve made sense if it the standard size, plus it would look quite comical on such a large beast.

Why is it here?

When Sasquatch’s mascot ID was found in the CP game files, many predicted that September would host a Mountain Expedition or something in order to discover the mystery cave discussed previously, thus introducing the creature. This is of course still a possibility, though very unlikely. Sasquatch is on the game now, and doesn’t fit in with the upcoming Frozen Party whatsoever. When met in game, it apparently only says stuff like “UGH” so that provides no help either. One thing is certain, this weeks Club Penguin Times issue should give us some more information – if the What’s New blog doesn’t first.

Random CP Fact #22: CP has recently released a Sled Racing game to the Apple App Store. The game differs from the online version as it is currently not multiplayer and is an endless 3D runner-type game similar to Temple Run. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson

Turbo Race 3000 – Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

After the slight mishap which was the Music Jam 2014, many are focused on next month’s Frozen Party which, thus far, looks to be very promising. But what exactly happens between one party ending and the other beginning? Previously, not much other than the usual catalogues, pins and EPF messages. Nothing really worth logging in for in all honesty. However, CP decided to fix that by adding mini-events that usually consist of one decorated room and at least one free item.

Within the past few months, we’ve seen several of these mini parties. The first was the Russian Welcome Event (Stadium), followed by Funny Hat Week (Dock), The Penguin Prom (University exterior and interior) and now the Turbo Race 3000 (Stadium). These typically 6-day long parties aim to attract players and provide the game with an essence of the old Club Penguin. As the title obviously states, this post will be reviewing the latest instalment in the mini party series; Turbo Race 3000.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 18.18.59

The party obviously takes place at The Stadium, so fans of Football (or Soccer if you must) may possibly be a little annoyed, but it is only for 6 days! Players simply walk to the starting line and are automatically provided with a Go-Kart (not actually an item) based on their penguins colour. The aim is to race other penguins throughout 3 laps of the track shown above. The winner doesn’t actually get anything unfortunately.

The Good:

There’s no doubt that these mini-events do keep the game entertaining whilst there are no major parties going on. They also do have the feeling of an old CP-style party – complete with the free items and the iconic “Free!” sign that was once the norm in most parties. The track has light sensors (which change colour every lap) so players cannot cheat which is nice to see, plus it provides some good competition that will undoubtedly make you some new friends – and rivals!

As with every mini-event, the fundamental feature is typically the item. Not so much in this one however, as this contains a fairly interactive track in which the role-play is aided by the use of the free items, and not necessarily focused fully upon them. There are 2 items this time, the Go-Karter Helmet for everyone and the the Go-Karter Suit for Members. This marks the first time thus far that a mini-party has included a Members exclusive item.


No party is perfect, ever. Some may argue the Beta Test party’s simplicity and exclusivity makes it the best, others may say the annual Halloween’s use of dark sky and Jack-O-Lanterns is what a true party should be. My main criticism of this party is the lack of mechanics used in go-kart track (by that I don’t mean people who fix cars). Upon equipping the go-kart, you’ll notice that there are no speed improvements. It’s just like waddling – without the waddle. Surely even a minor speed boost would’ve made the races more fun. Think of the bumper cars from The Fair or the sliding action from the Ice Rink. As this isn’t waddling, it should be different to control.

There are two objects on the track in which appear to have a purpose. Fans of the Mario Kart series may expect the banana skin to cause them to slip, and the oil spill could cause the same. So why don’t they? Driving – if you can even call it that, over these objects would surely cause something to happen. So why include them? More than likely for role-playing purposes. I’d also like to see the winner of the race’s name appear on the screen as opposed to simply “Finish”. An item could also be issued for all those that complete the track. Maybe a trophy or medal?

The addition of a Members-only item is somewhat odd and unexpected, especially so as past events have only included items for everyone. Yeah it’s good for Members without a doubt, it simply seems a little unnecessary, especially considering that said item is a Body item, and not a Head item like all the mini-parties have featured thus far. It would’ve also been nice to perhaps see Gary mentioned and maybe included as a mascot with potential for a new background. After all, it is a 3000 and thus a Gary invention.


There’s no denying these parties provide some entertainment whilst the CP team is hard at work with the next party. The free items are obviously the highlighting feature but the decorations are often nice, simplistic and not over the top – like many rooms nowadays (I’m looking at you, Pet Shop!). There’s no doubt that if this was a major party the team would’ve included a lot more in terms of things to do and interactivity. Since this is a mini-party, it cannot really be compared to one in which CP spends a lot more time on. Regardless, I look forward to both the Frozen Party and whatever mini-party event will follow.

Random CP Fact #21: Club Penguin plan to release 2 new apps to the App Store. These are the already-known Sled Racing and a new game titled Puffle Wild. The release dates are currently unknown, but it is likely to be sooner rather than later.

Until next time, Waddle On!

- Jimbobson


Music Jam 2014: A Controversial Remix!

Greetings Penguins!

I’m aware that I haven’t posted in a while. Literally March was the last time I posted. Apologies for that and the lack of critical reviews which many seem to enjoy. Anyways, today’s post will be regarding the latest party – the Music Jam.

I’m sure many of us have experienced a Music Jam. Older players like myself have experienced every single one (the first and arguably the best taking place way back in 2008) and have become aware of what the party usually includes, and why players like myself love these events so much. Let’s look back at a brief summary of each one..

Music Jam ’08: The first Music Jam was an extremely popular event. The first of it’s kind, it introduced the beloved Penguin Band as mascots for the first time as well as the now retired game DJ3K. Each major part of the island was decorated with different musical themes including Classical, Pop, Rock and Country etc. Members could access the exclusive Backstage room located behind a stage at the Dock where one or all Penguin Band members would visit when they were on a break from performing at the Iceberg (which occurred every few days). Items included a Music Jam T-Shirt, a pair of Maracas and the Penguin Band autograph if you were lucky enough to meet any members of the Band.

Music Jam ’09: This party was more of an evolution than a revolution when compared to the original. It featured Cadence as a mascot as well as the Penguin Band. Many rooms were re-used including the Member’s-only Backstage area. Another Members-exclusive area was added known as the Night Club Rooftop and featured a Boombox item. Overall, this was basically the 2008 Music Jam with a few additions.

Music Jam ’10: For the third time in three years the Music Jam made a reappearance showing its’ popularity. However, this was gradually decreasing due to many older penguins having already experienced two of these already. This one again featured Cadence and the Penguin Band as mascots, although this would be the Band’s last appearance in their “old Western look” before becoming modern. The only real difference between this and the 2009 Jam were simply the items. Easy job at the CP office for this party I guess!

Music Jam ’11: This was the fourth and final (until 2014) Music Jam of its’ name. With Club Penguin becoming obsessed with recruiting more and more Members, free items throughout 2011 were mainly re-coloured hat items and this was reflected within this party with the only free item (excluding backgrounds) being the Music Jam Cap. How exciting! This party was also highly controversial due to CP giving the Penguin Band a new look that they explained was modern. Looking like members of One Direction, the band lost the simplicity and music style that many loved. Many rooms remained the same, with some receiving minor adjustments.

Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam: This was also unofficially known as the Music Jam 2012. It featured two Disney mascots in Rocky and CeCe as well as the usual Cadence and the Penguin Band. This one took place at night and was the biggest change to the Music Jam since the introduction of the Music Jam series. New items and new decorations, it had a fresh feel that was very welcome. However, it was quickly criticised due to the Disney influence present in the party.

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam: Whilst not necessary a Music Jam, it was considered a combination of that, the Summer Party and the Water Party. Despite the party being focused upon an obvious promotion for an upcoming Disney film, it did have a classic CP party feel that the game was seriously lacking. It introduced many, many new items (including a new lei which did differ from the design used for both the Hawaiian and Blue Lei) as well as completely new summer themed decor. Does it actually count as a Music Jam however? Not really, but it’s worth a mention.

And thus brings us to the latest Music Jam – Music Jam 2014. You may be wondering why I added controversial remix in the title. Well, let’s just say it’s completely different to past Music Jam’s, so much so that some penguins have said it barely deserves to share the same name as the old classics. Let’s see why…

Disney Advertisements

Who knew?! The thought of a Music Jam had many thinking a good ol’ classic party was taking place on the island this Summer and of course, many were excited. However, what we didn’t know was that CP had something up their sleeve. Rather than just showing performances from Cadence and the beloved Penguin Band (who were badly lacking a visit to the island), we will also be blessed with performances from 4 singers from Disney TV shows including Violetta, Sabrina Carpenter, Zendaya and Cole Plante. Great thinking CP, just what the whole community wants!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.55.38

Barely Decorated Island

This has annoyed many penguins for a year or so now. How many parties does CP throw only to have an exclusive party room decorated whereas the island remains less decorated than the Beta Test party in 2005. I understand some penguins may not want to take place in the parties but the majority of us do. So how does this apply to the Music Jam, you ask? Well, two rooms of the island are decorated in comparison to the whole island of prior Jams. One of which (the Town) uses the exact same decor as the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. That seems very..lazy in all honesty. So if the party doesn’t take place on the island, where does it take place?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 13.04.04

…A..b..boa….a boat? Well when I think Music Jam I instantly think boats as I’m sure many of you do. I’m quite confused as to why CP made the whole party on a boat, or as they call it, the Music Cruise. I mean, it sounds good for a Summer party or something, but a Music Jam on a boat seems a little TV-show-ish. Is this supposed to be the boat that rocked? (or didn’t in this case). There are 8 separate rooms of the boat which is pretty cool to explore, until you realise there isn’t much to do. Of course the major part of this party is music, and the music is pretty good in many of the rooms. The performance area is nicely decorated and even has a SoundStudio booth so you don’t have to go all the way back to the Dance Club. I also like how the sky changes and the interactivity some rooms include.

Overall, the party isn’t exactly bad. It just seems a little odd that this shares the same name as a party which had the whole island decorated and had no mentions of boats whatsoever. What next? The Holiday Party will take place on a Hot Air Balloon? I’m sure CP completely re-designed this party because of how similar the old ones were to eachother. Many would agree the Music Jam needed something new, but I doubt many would come up with a Music Cruise as a solution. Anyhow, we have Disney character performances and some decent looking items to look forward to. And of course for those who want to give this party a miss, remember that next month’s party is a Disney’s Frozen Summer party!

Random CP Fact #20: Entering the code BEARS418 will unlock 10 Koi Ponds and 10 Mossy Logs for your Igloo!

Introducing the Puffle Park & Fog Forest!

Greetings Penguins!

It’s almost guaranteed that every year brings a new room to the island. Last year we had the Puffle Hotel plus the Snow Dojo. As the title heavily suggests, we will be getting two new rooms. The Puffle Park will be an extension to the Pet Shop and will be arriving in April with the annual Puffle Party. Here’s a screenshot Polo Field gave us earlier showing how it looks:


It looks great in my opinion, the whole nature theme is present and it’s not an overcrowded mess like the Pet Shop currently is. I do wish Polo Field only showed part of the room though and left the rest for the party. Nevertheless, we can be sure our Puffles will interact with the park items.

The next room is a strange one. It was found by some players and can currently be accessed by visiting and logging in with your usual account details.Upon logging in successfully, you will be placed in a room called Fog Forest. Little is known about this room but it’s definitely…foggy.

fog forest1


You may also notice there’s a shadow of a large penguin holding what looks to be a puffle in the top right of the Fog Forest. There also looks to be a shadowed giant puffle behind that. Very strange!

In other news: The CP iPad app (which will be for iPhone and iPod Touch in a few weeks, Android is still 6 months away) will receive another big update soon. Update 1.4 will feature Puffles for the very first time. They apparently look awesome in 3D so that should be pretty nice. Speaking of Puffles, there will be at least 2 more this year. One is the Cat Puffle and the other, a Dog Puffle (I don’t even know why these need to exist). Both are expected to début with the next version of the app.

Random CP Fact #19: Club Penguin recently released a new code that unlocks a Red & Yellow Party Hat. This party hat celebrates 5 years since CP was released in French. The code is CADEAUCP.

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson

The Fair: Critical Review!

Greetings Penguins!

It’s been a fair while (haha, get it?) since my last post so I decided it was about time for another critical review. You may realise I didn’t post a critical review of last month’s Prehistoric Party. In short, it was better than the 2013 version but Dino Dig remained an annoyance. On top of that, we now have Dino Puffles which I’m still slightly confused about (why are they necessary..). Anyways, in this post I will be reviewing this month’s Fair!

This years’ Fair is the first to be held in February rather than September where it received it’s logical and more catchier name of the Fall Fair. The date is not the only thing different about this years however and I’m sure those who’ve already logged in have discovered this. This years takes place in a off-map place called the Amazement Park (entrance is located at the Dock). It is split up into 3 sections, each containing a ride (Members only of course, unless you have a Silver Ticket but more on that later), some mini-games and some pretty sweet decorations. The rest of the island isn’t decorated whatsoever, though the sky is purpley/orange (like an evening sky) which is quite nice.

The Good:

  • New Prizes: There are a lot of new prizes this time, both for Members and Non-Members. In fact, every single item that’s available for everyone is brand new, though some are obviously re-coloured versions of past items.
  • Mascots: In previous years Rockhopper used to join us during the Fair and was meetable on the island. This time, we have Rookie. The Penguin Band also plays “Anchors Aweigh!” in the centre of the Amazement Park but they are simply animated penguins rather than the actual mascots. They, as well as Rookie do give out a free background though. (Click on the Penguin Band when performing to get it).
  • New Features: What was nice about this party was that it wasn’t exactly the same as previous Fairs. The rides are a decent idea as it allows more stuff to do rather than just collecting tickets. There’s also a Daily Spin game where you can win some pins, tickets, coins and even a background.
  • Unplugged Arcade Machine: Remember that red unplugged arcade machine in the Dance Lounge that was never plugged in so nobody knew what the game was? Well, now we do! It contains a game called 8-bit which you can waddle around using a simple 8-bit penguin to collect other 8-bit objects for tickets (think of it like Pac-Man, though with no ghosts).
  • Silver Tickets: Okay so only members can ride on the 3 rides, right? Well, if non-members manage to win a Silver Ticket on The Daily Spin, then they can get access to any ride they desire. That’s a pretty cool idea from CP. Note: It only works once, leaving the room the ride is in means you cannot access it again without winning another Silver Ticket. Also, if Members win a Silver Ticket then they receive 1000 coins instead.
  • Decorations: Where would a party be without it’s decor? There’s some nicely decorated rooms, I especially liked the different themed sections inside the Amazement Park (The Galaxy Park is probably my fave). The sky also looks nice, which I stated previously. It really adds a different mood to the game, much like the night sky does during the Halloween parties.

The Bad:

  • Prices of items: If you’ve been collecting each item everyday like me, then you’ll know how much of a pain it is to collect so many tickets just for one item. Back in 2007 when the Fair was first introduced, items cost similar to what they do this year. However, 2012’s Fair saw prices drop to 100-500 tickets per item. This year, items cost from 500 to 1500 tickets, which is a lot when you consider how many items there are.
  • Come back everyday: This has become a feature that annoys me. It just seems like a rather cheap way of getting players to log-in everyday to collect an item, then log-off again. Not only is there a new item everyday but also a new spin on The Daily Spin game. I suppose it’s better than simply logging it to click “Collect” then logging out again.
  • The Daily Spin: What? That amazingly fun game of talent is on the bad list? Why?! Because it’s frustrating. There are 3 items that people like me who collect each item on the wheel want. Those are the two pins and the background. The only issue is that The Daily Spin is random, so you often find yourself getting 50 coins or 100 tickets instead. Jimbobson hasn’t got any of the items yet and only has 3 days to do so. But since it’s random and requires no talent or tactics or gameplay, it seems unlikely that he will get any. Annoying.

So overall The Fair is a decent party. I wouldn’t say it was the best party every like Polo Field did, but it’s still pretty interesting. I recommend collecting the items and other stuff if you haven’t already. Remember that March’s party will be the Muppets Most Wanted Takeover. That should be very erm, interesting.

Random CP Fact #18: The St. Patrick’s Day party used to be an annual party that was held in March to celebrate the Irish holiday. In total there has been 4 of these from 2006-2009. They have been stopped as not everyone in the world celebrates the holiday.

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson

2013 in CP: Review!

Happy New Year Penguins!

Well, it’s official. 2013 is now over so I can write a yearly review without irritating penguins complaining about those bloggers who wrote their yearly reviews like 3 days before 1st January, as if they expected CP to do something amazing on 31st December or something. Anyway, let us begin!

Like every year, we have seen the usual monthly events and parties, fortnightly pins and 12 Penguin Styles catalogues. Combine these with plenty of new items, puffles and games and you’ll soon realise how busy this year has been. Despite the huge introduction of many, many new things, CP still has yet to show us the likes of Sever Jumping and CP Next – something which sounds very exciting and will possibly make 2014 the biggest year yet on the island. Time to look back at the good (and bad?) parts of this year.

The Good:

  • A LOT of new parties and events: Very few parties these year were returned except the of course the usual Halloween and Holiday Parties. The majority of the rest were new, including the Prehistoric Party, the Card Jitsu Snow Party and Operation Puffle. Exciting times!
  • My Penguin app: A true milestone in CP’s history right here. Puffle Launch didn’t come close to how awesome this app actually is. Initially starting off as a app to simply view your penguin and play games on your iPad quickly became an app that allowed users to access several rooms in the game – including their own igloos!
  • Complete redesign of the island with updated graphics: This was highly controversial at first; with many older penguins worrying that “Old CP” would officially be gone for good. After a while, it was clear that the new graphics were necessary to keep the game looking modern.
  • Puffles: Fans of Puffles had a great year this year. Typically the CP Team release a new Puffle approximately every year. However, 2013 brought us not 1, but 2 puffles! Both the legendary Rainbow and Golden puffles were discovered in 2013; unfortunately however both were for Members. But more on this later.
  • New Rooms/Games: We’ve all come to expect this by now. What would a year be without a new room or game? This year saw the introduction of the Club Penguin University (inspired by Monsters University) and the Puffle Hotel (Puffle Party). Alongside the new rooms we saw the release of a brand new game in May; the highly anticipated Card Jitsu Snow.
  • Weekly videos: These don’t really affect the island but are still nice. Weekly videos in the form of The Spoiler Alert and comedic Waddle On, hosted by members of the CP Team including Polo Field, Ninja and Megg certainly brightens the community.
  • Non-Members get an igloo: Although this doesn’t seem major, the Holiday Party saw non-members getting a free igloo (Sweet Swirl Igloo) for the first time ever. Prior to this, non-members were only able to live in their plain standard, small igloo. Even igloos available from codes (Pineapple Igloo) were members only.

The Bad:

Whilst nothing about 2013 on CP was particularly bad, these are a few of my least favourite additions.

  • Some parties: Although I did enjoy a fair few of the parties this past year, some were more irritating than fun. The first example here is the Prehistoric Party which had us playing the dreaded Dino Dig to obtain items. This game took far too long and wasn’t particularly exciting. Other examples include the Hollywood Party which was, in my opinion, the weakest event of 2013.
  • Duration of parties: I know I’ve said this before but the duration of the parties goes on for far too long when compared to the older days of 2006/7 when parties lasted a few days rather than 2 weeks. The longer the party goes on for the longer penguins get bored, typically anyway.
  • New Penguin graphics: By this I don’t mean the actual sprites in game. I instead mean the way penguins are shown in the Newspaper or how mascots are on their playercards. I realise CP wants the game to look fresh but, these sharper/slimmer/shinier penguins look kinda scary.
  • Disney Takeovers: Yeah I bet y’all knew this was coming. I’m not a Disney hater or anything; but placing 3 Disney-themed parties in 3 consecutive months was too much. It’s also clear that the team puts a lot more effort into the Disney-themed parties than they do for their classic parties. However, I did find that the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam was perhaps the best party of the year as it truly had the feel of a classic Summer on CP.
  • Slow Loading: Still haunts the game to this day and has done since 2005 – though it currently seems to be a lot worse due to the higher amount of penguins. Yes it’s true that the CP Server is located in Las Vegas and I’m in England, but the lag is still annoying. Hopefully CP Next will fix this?

And so concludes a very brief review of 2013 in CP. I’ve quite enjoyed this year and look forward to what 2014 will bring. One thing is certain, if we do see the introduction of CP Next and the full online experience added to the iPad app (and iPhone/iPod and Android versions), 2014 could be one amazing year.

Random CP Fact #17: Club Penguin Co-Founder Rsnail (Lance Priebe) has stated that he may return to CP as he has a couple of new ideas for the game. 

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson

My Penguin (Now Club Penguin) 1.3 Update released!

Greetings Penguins!

UPDATE: Even more rooms have been added to the app. The Dock, Snow Forts, Beach, Lighthouse (interior) and Beacon are all now available to access. You don’t even need to update the app – simply login and play!

I realise I haven’t posted in quite a while, University work and a social life can be hard to manage time wise. Nevertheless, this post will be regarding the new My Penguin update. Firstly, the app is now called Club Penguin (I bet this will cause some confusion). In 1.3, users can now access the Town and the buildings within it (Coffee Shop, Dance Club and Clothes Shop), with most containing new music. Users can also transport to another penguin’s location – much like Server Jumping which still hasn’t arrived.

A screenshot of the Town in Club Penguin 1.3 – note Spike Hike.


For those who were wondering, CP will slowly be adding more rooms over the next few months. Eventually, they want to use new technology dubbed CP Next to transport the iPad version to the online version, including the 3D penguin graphics. An iPhone and Android version are both in the works.

In other news: The Holiday Party begins next week so be sure to check that out. I can’t wait to see what will be different this year!

Random CP Fact #16: The Prehistoric Party first seen in January 2013 will be arriving again in January 2014. Spike Hike has stated that the party will include new features, though.

Until next time, Waddle on!

- Jimbobson


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