Yellow puffle rounds up society!

Well yet again the yellow puffle has been spotted…but this time in Puffle Round-up!


Waddle on! Jim/Jord


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. Wow…a yellow puffle! I’ve yet to see one. I hope we can adopt them soon…and I hope non-members can adopt them, because I’m a non-member. It would really stink if we couldn’t…o well.

  2. Yeah, I just saw a yellow puffle. You have to play Puffle Roundup and every three rounds of the game. Every three rounds you see a yellow puffle.

  3. Sometimes its differant.
    Also it can be spotted in the stage read previous entries!
    Also i will be havin a 1000 hits party so be sure to check it out!

  4. Yeah, there’s not only yellow puffles, but there are also wars!

    Hey Jimbobson, do you think you can start a new page all about the ACP/RPF vs Fever wars? It would be really helpful if you did. If you don’t know anything about the wars, then I could help you. I know almost everything about the war going on! Mostly because I started a band of Blue Raiders (dark blue) and they’re fighitng in the war against ACP and RPF.

    Again, it would be really great if you started a page on the war.

  5. wots the RPF and ACP?

  6. Sorry I had posted that question on another post… Ask Uncle Jim. I’m sorry I posted that question twice. I posted my answer in Ask Uncle Jim, so check that for the answr

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