New Year Fireworks!!!

Well today as i was waddle-ing around i saw there was fireworks at the Iceberg and Mountain (maybe more places) and i decided to take a pic!


Also there is a little iceberg in the telescope! What do you think it’s for?


Happy New Year!!! Waddle-diddly on!



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  1. Nice! I guess Fireworks were the addition to the extended Christmas party. Well, it was kind of obvious….

    Let’s see where else the fireworks are going on!

  2. Nope. I just did a quick look over all the outdoor places in CP and no fireworks. The Mountain and Iceberg are the only places with ’em. Oh well!

  3. Oh yeah and Jim did you look through the telescope at the Beacon? A little chunk of ice is floating through the water! Look at Punkrockerz’ site, it tells you there.

  4. Argh I did it again! I didn’t notice the little picture you posted of it on the bottom! I’m so gullible. Sorry about that Jim.

  5. Its ok, i told Rockerz about that Iceberg and i wonder what it is for, maybe a new mission!
    Waddle-diddly on! Jim.

  6. Yeah. Hopefully it will lead to a new mission; they’re fun!

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