Patrick has run away!!!

Well today i logged on and i saw that Patrick (my blue puffle) had run away! I dont think i will be adopting another puffle straight away….


Sniff, Waddle-diddly on!


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  1. Oh, man, Jim! That’s so sad. I’m sorry to hear that. If you do get another puffle soon, just please make sure it doesn’t run away! Once again, I’m sorry to hear about Patrick. 😦

  2. Oh btw I think someone is framing me!!! O_O!! It’s in the “Funny Pic’s” page. Eeeeeekk!

  3. I might wait until i am a member (if i ever am) then i can adopt a yellow puffle and call him Homer, lol!
    Waddle-diddly on!

  4. Yeah. Yellow puffles are cool! I have a yellow and a blue puffle and everyone sends me those cards that say “Your puffles are cool!”. You get a lot of compliments with a yellow puffle. So, have you decided to get another blue puffle or a red one?

  5. Not yet but i could get 14 puffles if CP trainer worked (yes i know its a hack but i can use it to get 14 or less puffles, all blue and red)
    Waddle-diddly on!

  6. My red puffle ran away too but actually i wanted it to run away and i bought a pink puffle 😀

  7. Lol punkrockerz! But you didn’t want to just keep both puffles? When I became a member I kept my blue puffle and still got a yellow one.

  8. Hey people! I have adopted a yellow puffle and called him Homer (after Homer Simpson)!!! And yes i am a member! Tomorrow i will post more info and pics!
    Waddle-diddly on!

  9. Yay! Jim is a member! Why don’t you make it one of your stories on your home page? That’s great! Congrats to you and Homer.

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