New Catalog! (and other cool stuff!)

Well today the Clothing Catalog came out! It has some really cool stuff!




Here are the hidden items!



The new wigs came out today!!!


Also Jim is finally a MEMBER!!! Thank-you to Egghead for making this possible!


Also the 50th! pin is finally out! its a snow shovel!

new-snow-shovel-pin.jpgWaddle-diddly on! Jim/Rockerz.


About punkrockerz

Hello my penguin name is punk rockerz. i go on club penguin everyday. im mostly on the iceland server.I am a member of Club Penguin. My site is mostly about whats new on club penguin and also some cheats and glitches and some fun stuff too..but remember one thing this is not a site for hacking if u looking for hacks this is not the right place and i suggest u look somewhere else. thank you for reading this Waddle on!

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  1. Coolness! I nearly bought all of the new items in the clothing catalog lol. Yeah, CP’s 50th Pin already! Like I said before, coolness!

  2. Also i bought everything in the catalog yesterday, and now ve bought all the new things to! I had about 100,000! Also i bought a purple puffle and called him Truffles!
    Waddle-diddly on!

  3. Lol that’s great, Jim! Man, you must have hardly any coins left, huh?

    Oh btw did you make Punkrockerz and Pellidi’s 5,000 hits party?

  4. Oh! I know something real cool about the Red Viking Helmet. Okay, so all you do is open and close the Viking Helmet four times and presto! you get the BLUE viking helmet! But it costs 1,200 coins because it’s a secret item.

  5. No, unfortunatly i didnt make the Rockerz and Pellifi’s party as i was out….also i have the red and blue viking helmet but thanx for the info!
    Waddle-diddly on!

  6. congrats on the membership!

  7. That’s cool! Oh, and sorry about MnMztama495. I was using my TamaTalk name! Lol sorry about that.

  8. Oh thats perfectly fine! i dont mind what name you use unless its someone elses!
    Waddle-diddly on!

  9. i like lemon juice(my puffle)

  10. i like lemon juice(from lemons)

  11. Okay, okay, you like lemon juice! 😆

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