New catalog! (and other cool stuff)

Well dispite Rockhopper leaving, the new catalog is out! and its great! It has brung back some awsome items like the hard hat in job section, and some cool backgrounds!

Also the new pin is out! It is a boat and can be found at Lighthouse!new-boat-pin.jpg

Also Rockhopper has gone, but not to be sad! There is a project to save the Migrator! This can be found at  the Beach!save-the-migrator-project.jpg

Heres all the new things in catalog (no pics)

white Admiral outfit-  620 coins

Drivers Helmet- 650 coins

Coral crown- 300 coins
Pearl necklace- 550 coins
Mermaid outfit- 800 coins
Scuba tank- 480 coins
Wetsuit- 600 coins
Green flippers- 200 coins
Hidden items
Green snorkels- the admirals medal- 200 coins 
Viking helmet hidden in the russian hat- 750 coins
click on the red viking helmet three times- then again on the russian hat- blue viking helmet- 1200 coins
On the job
Hard hats and miners jacket
Underwater background- 60 coins
Cherrie blossom background- 60 coins
Launch-pad  background- 60 coins
Waddle-diddly on!


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. w00t 1st comment and i have all the stuff in the cataloge 😀

    waddle on 😛

  2. Hey Jim I’m back! Anywho…

    The new clothing catalog is awesome! I’ve seen people walking around with BLUE admiral jackets, though, and blue flippers, too. I wonder if they’re in this new catalog, or if they’re from WAAAY back then. Also, I wonder when the Sports Catalog is going to upgrade from November 2007!

  3. Yes i think RH brought the Blue Admiral jackets, and the blue flippers are old items, but dont forget to click on the rainbow badge on the white admiral suit, you get the green snorkel which is a old item!
    Also i was wondering when the Sport Catalog was gonna be updated. And i have a V5 TAMA THEY ROCK!

    Waddle-diddly on!

  4. Omg you got a V5?! Lucky. But do you know where the Blue Admiral Jackets are?

  5. There went ages ago, I wasnt a member then so i couldnt get one.
    Waddle-diddly on!

  6. Oh. But still, you gotta V5!! The V5’s just came out in south U.S., too, but I still have to go to the store and get one.

  7. I got one, it will be 3 week on Wednesday! Im on 2nd Gen!
    Also if you want to play games in V5 Tamatown use this code:
    03128 91400
    Waddle-diddly on!

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