Awsome AQUA party!

Well the Under sea water party is awsome! They have some awsome decorations and cool items!

> Free YELLOW snorkels at Forest (click treasure chest)

> Free sea belts in Book Room!

> New Anchor pin at cove (somtimes moves places)


Also there is a vote for the new invention that ”G” is inventing, choose which name you would like it to be called!


Hope you are all enjoying the party!

Thank You, come again!

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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. Hoorah! I voted the Aque Grabber, too. Supposedly that new invention thing can withstand frigid underwater temperatures and can grab all the missing pieces of the Migrator. What if a new game came out that featured the “Aqua Grabber” grabbing all the pieces from the Migrator? That would be cool.

  2. Oh yeah! I’m good! Hehe, just as I predicted! It turned out to be a game! And you also get a FREE PIN if you complete it!! Omg this is soooo cool. The only disadvantage is you can only earn 250 coins in the game. Still, a FREE PIN! 250 COINS!!!!!

  3. Yup! I have it on Jimbobson, Jimbobson 2 and Jord4! The game is also staying! i saw it on the blog, one of the questions were will it be staying, and Screenhog said yes! The only problem is the pin will never be rare!
    Waddle-diddly on!

  4. Hmm I wonder why the Anchor pin keeps on moving?

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