Rockhopper is coming! (and other cool stuff)

Well Rockhopper can be seen from the Telescope (finally)

Also the Club Penguin clock tower has gone crazy!

And Fred has gone Cuckoo!

Well the new CP website is awsome! it has cool fetures and looks much better, the blue on the CP skies is light blue not dark blue!

Also there will be a party soon, i think it may be the Pirate Party with an old Pirate item coming back, maybe the Sailor Hats!

Keep Waddle-ing!




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  1. Hi Jim! It’s me, MnMzee495!! Sorry I was away for sooooo long. But I’m back now!
    Wow really? I haven’t been to the Beacon yet… And I wonder why the clocks were all messed up?


  2. Omg hi Jim!!! It’s MnMzee495 in a new name. Sorry I’ve been away for so long… but I’m back now!

  3. Also do you like the new CP site? if you helped test CPIP then you will get a free item as a reward, but i dunno when! ill update that as soon as i get info.

  4. Sorry I double posted… my comp. was going haywire. Anyway, yes, I’ve checked out the new CPIP site. That was freaky, how we got turned into puffles!

  5. It was fun though, i think we should be able to change into any puffle depending on what colour we were wearing.

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