Rockhopper! (and other cool stuff!)

Wow! the CP Times issue #146 announced that Rockhopper would be returning sometime in August! (in the events page) and if we look in the telescope we can see Rockhopper is already on his way to the Island!

And there is a new pin! it is a music record, this can be found UNDER the green puffle (the keeper) at the Night Club!

And thats not all! the clothing catalogue is finally here! with some cool items and the fireman costume in the ‘penguins at work’ section!

And the Music Jam has been extended until August the 5th! and the penguin band is on another break! so try the more popular servers and go backstage and try find them, also you can use the Penguin Band Tracker (right side of my site) to find them!

Until next time, waddle on!


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  1. hey i cant wait till he comes i wish he brings shoes with him 🙂

  2. rockhopper comes

  3. I know, but i think he will bring a new item this time, otherwise older penguins will not have any free items from him in the last 2 visits.

  4. Hi this is Mt Orange.

    I am inviting you (Jimbobson) and all of the people who see this comment to come to my half a thousand hits party. It is for my website. The party is on server tundra at the dock. The date is August 7th at 5:00 PST. Come to my party on that day because I am planning on inviting HeatBlast227, Fever, Waddleguin, Tooly228, The Flame3, and more famous people. Bye, I hope I see you at the party.
    Go to and

  5. Hey cool! but 5:00am or pm? i can make 5:00am but not 5:00pm, as that is about 11:30pm in England, and i go off the comp at 11:00pm.


  6. I am changeing the time and date completely
    New Date: will be on August 11th at 3:00pm PST

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