Sign up for Planet Cazmo today!

Hey Penguins!

There is a game in beta testing (which i have being on since November 2007) called Planet Cazmo! its REALLY cool, and quite like CP, so sign up today and become a beta! The items and rooms and everything is awesome! so sign up today!

The link is and just click sign up! its FREE!!!

>Heres a pic of Planet Cazmo!

And before you ask, yep! thats the beta hat im wearing! This can be found in the Theatre located on the map, just talk to the Lizard!

On P.C theres LOADS of great fun stuff to do, play games, hang out, decorate your house, buy clothes! its awesome!

Cya There! Jimbobson.


About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. hi jim bfor i go on holiday i join cazmo and my name on it is lord nibbler!

  2. its a bit slow en it?
    btw i lieraly only just signed up!
    im on funkatron!

  3. its just a blank purple screen!

  4. Yeah P.C is abit slow sometimes, it makes your page file usage go up by over 200MB!
    Yup! i joined Funkitron too! i joined last year sometime, so yes im a beta, i just didn’t get the beta crown, lol!
    I also finally got my UK spaceship for $80 Cazmo Cash!
    Have a great time on your hols!
    Thanx for commenting!

  5. thnx but how do u get cazmo cash with out paying like £15/$25?!?!?!

  6. Theres only 1 way, which i actually used, i emailed Planet Cazmo ( and said that I only wanted the UK spaceship, the British Bulldog, and asked if there would be any other releases of Cazmo Cash, they gave me $100 Cazmo Cash total (i think its because ive being on since Nov. 07 or something)
    Try give them a email!
    Thanx for commenting!

  7. Ooh and when they gave me it (you need to tell them your username) they asked me to invite 10 friends to sign up, thats why i posted about it here!
    Waddle on!

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