I be back! Ahoy!

Yo Penguins!

Well my hardrive went dodgey, got a new one, and now AOL wont connect! Soo im now at my uncles for all this week, and since ive been away ALOT of new things on CP has happened! (since it would take me AGES to take pics of it all, ill just say!)

1) Rockhopper is back with the eye-patch as a free item, and some other cool stuff!

2) New play called ‘Space Adventure Planet ”Y”!

3) Theres a new clothing catalogue with some old, and new Halloween costumes!

4) The new project with the new CP Toys is going great! the new toys will be available across N.America for now, and of course the online shop!

5) There was a huge party at New York City on Octover 24th celebrating CP’s 3rd birthday!

6) Theres a new yearbook and the anniversary party has kicked off! its awesome! free ice cream aprons and awesome party hat!

7) There was new Fall Fair items including: new fair background, blue candy floss and the paddle ball!

8 ) Then there were the new scientific microscope pin!

9) Alot of new newspapers!

10) New toy feature when you buy any CP toy you get a fish coin with a code on it, enter it into the site and get some awesome items!

11) New better igloo’s catalogue out! with Halloween stuff!

12) Halloween igloo contest, get ready to win penguins!

13) New mission for Agents!

Well as you can see, theres alot of awesome updates! so check out CP today!

Until next time, waddle on!


About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. Thanks Hatrick! i sure hope my internet will work at home, i only have to wait and see!
    Thanks for commenting, waddle on!

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