Halloween party!

Yo Penguins!

The Halloween party has started! and like i said, its covered with the storm! theres a awesome scavenger hunt too! but to get started, you need the pumpkin basket at the Snow Forts!

Anyway the first sweet is at the Snow Forts, click the BLUE flag and then the chocolate bar will take the blue flags place! (Waheb2005 is one of my greatest and oldest friends on CP!)

The second sweet is located at the Dance Lounge! click the lamp in the corner and the sweet will come out!

The third sweet is in the Lodge Attic (Above Ski Lodge) its in the blue box!

The fourth sweet is located at the Plaza, click the couldren (big pot of green stuff, lol) and the sweet will come out!

The fifth sweet is at the Cove, click the caution sign and it will fly on the top of the surf hut!

The sixth sweet is at the Iceberg, click the green fog and it will make a star pattern of the toffee!

The seventh sweet is at the Beacon, wait for lightning to flash 3 times and the chocolate apple will appear in the almighty pumpkin king’s left eye!

The 8th and final sweet is located at the Book Room! its in a book at the top, and the green candel, theres a twist! when you click it, a staircase will open, and members will be able to access it, just buy the scientist costume from this months clothing catalogue and there will be a free lantern inside! (MUCH THANKS TO JARTARF FOR LETTING ME USE HIS PENGUIN!)

And heres a pic of the free lanterns!

Also, when you complete the sweet hunt you get a giant pumpkin patch background! (Like the Dock) heres how it looks:

Im wearing my halloween scarf from halloween party 2007 just for that ‘Halloween mood!’

Anyways this parties great in my opinion! i sure hope it gets extended, to everyone around the world, Happy Halloween! and keep watching the skies……

Until next time, Spook on! bwhahahahahha!


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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