Ninja News!

Yo Penguins, special news!

Im sure all of you out there have heard the odd rumour or two about ninjas, well the Halloween party has much more evidence!

Once on a dark Halloween night, penguins were spooked by the result of what they saw! as penguins went to the Dojo located in the mountains, just before a huge blast of lightning they saw, a shadow of a ninja, and then another, and another! penguins were VERY spooked, most went to hide in their igloo’s! but Detective Jimbobson (lol) stayed and tried to find out more, he then took a few pictures to show everyone! those pictures are:


(Moved Jimbobson so people wont copy :P)

The ninja’s appear to be dancing, or maybe fooling around, Jimbobson thought. Maybe they did this to confuse penguins, maybe they are regular penguins dressed up, ‘nahh!’ he said aloud.

So more and more penguins began to find out, about these ninja shadows, and as the darkness crept in even more, Detective Jimbobson is still starring at the shadows, for what looks like a clue on the re-discovery of Ninjas!

Written by: Jimbobson, COPYWRIGHT! lol.

So as most penguins are putting stuff like ‘oh, wow ninjas have been spotted!’ i decided to go further, and start a mini-story lol, so go and check out the Dojo today!

P.S that pic took AGES to take, since the Ninja’s are soooo fast!

Until next time, Spook on, bwhahahaha!


About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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