Alot of updates! (and ninjas!)

Yo Penguins!

Since ive been away for a few weeks, theres been tonnes of new updates!

1) Dojo fell down because of the storm at the Halloween party

2) There were free orange mining helmets given out

3) Sensei appeard and helped dig (he built the dojo many years ago!)

4) New play!

5) New Big Wig’s catalogue! (last one, from now on wigs are going to be in Penguin Style catalogue’s!)

6) New Penguin Style catalogue (November 2008)

7) New furniture catalogue, with some Christmas stuff!

8 ) Coins for change is returning!

9) The CP DS game is out in N.America! (2009 for Europe) theres a secret room only those who have this game can enter!

10) Dojo has being rebuilt and Sensei started the ninja-training game at dojo called ‘card jitsu’!

11) CP Trading Cards are now realesed online and in N.America (they help improve your card jitsu skills!)

12) Map looks much cooler than before!

13) There is a total of nine ninja colour belts, from white to black!

14) Once you have black belt you can defeat Sensei and he gives you the black ninja mask AND access to the ninja hideout (building next to Dojo) which you can buy the ninja costume, dojo igloo, and even a Gong-like item! (all members only)

So theres alot of HUUUGE updates there! im currently green belt and still working at it!

My internet has also changed from AOL (America Online) to Virgin Media :D!!!!

Until next time, waddle on!


About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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