new snow and sports catalogue!

Yo Penguins!

Today the latest Snow and Sports catalogue came out! it has some cool goalie gear aswell as the old ballerina stuff! so be sure to check it out!


And then theres the new pin! this is a Lily and can be found at the Lighthouse Beacon! Also this pin is Jimbobson’s 50th pin total!!!


In other news the new Paint By Letters book ‘Lime Green Dojo Clean’ has not arrived yet, this is due to some bugs (glitches) that need to be squished before it’s released! or it wouldn’t work right! I will update as soon as it arrives!

Until next time, waddle on!


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  1. yeah the secret is click on the mountain climbing wall and u get mountain climbing gear!

  2. Yup! i found that out too! the climbing gear is really awesome!

  3. yeah it is but i dont realy like the climbing gear i just like the boots but i bot it anyway and i cant belive that they but the boots in there cause it was in the treasure book

  4. Only the Exclusives have not been out as a item in the member catalogue or free item.
    The ballerina stuff is also in treasure book series 2.

  5. yeah i realy want a code to unlock the red cp jacket red propeller hat and red glasses

  6. All those items will return, i have 2 of those.
    Red propeller hat- April fools party 2006 and 2008.
    Red glasses- a non member item from Febuary 2006 which later returned as a member item in the catalogue in 2008.
    Plus with 1 code you unlock 2 items not 3.
    I unlocked exclusives as they will NEVER be released as a free item or in the Penguin Styles/Sports catalogue.

  7. oh i hope i stay on cp and then is the red cp jaket returning to the member caolog

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