White puffles discovered!

Yo Penguins!

Theres a REALLY important newsflash! today while at the Mountain, I saw a White Puffle! they’re real!


Then I saw the puffle at the Dojo!


Don’t believe me? go to the Mountain every half an hour (15minutes past and 45 minutes past) and the Dojo (every o’clock and half past the hour) to see it! Heres a example of the times:

E.g 12:00= puffle at Dojo, 12:30= puffle at Dojo.

12:15=puffle at Mountain, 12:45=puffle at Mountain.

So upon this, the 8th puffle was discovered!

Until next time, Waddle on!


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  1. if they sell white puffles i wont be able to get em because im a non member

  2. Maybe CP will make the White puffles for non members, since CP hasnt had a non-member puffle since the Red arrived in December 2006.

  3. The white puffles are here! I have one and i am a member. They are members only though!!!!!

  4. And moshi monsters isn’t my website. It’s my favourite one though

  5. Yes we know, I own one too. They have been out for many months now.

  6. hello i want the orange puffle

    • I’m sure everyone would want a Orange Puffle, but the question is, will it be for Members only, or for everyone?
      Judging by CP, my guess is that it will be Members only.
      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Mann! It would be awesome if the white puffle was available to non-members! I’m going to name mine Snowflake! White puffles r the cutest, most adorable animal i have ever met!!!!!!

  8. nobody on club penguin from early 2007 the yellow puffles being fake and on halloween 2007 there was no yellow puffles in the pet shop and the yellow puffles pops up in every hours in 24 hours thats the yellow puffles being out

    • The Yellow Puffles were spotted around the island during and after the Halloween Party 2007, after that, they appeared in Puffle Round-up and were finally available to adopt at the Pet Shop.

  9. the orange puffles was the newest one

  10. The four original Puffles were Black, Blue, Pink and Green. The Purple Puffle was added later, then the Red Puffle was brought by Rockhopper at Christmas.
    The Yellow Puffle was discovered, then the White, and recently the Orange. It is likely that next year, a Brown Puffle will be discovered.

  11. the blue one is the main one its was found at nov 2005 and cp named those fluffy things is puffles the orange puffles face is so silly

    • Yup, the Blue Puffle is the most common seen. CP held a contest, penguins could submit what they would like to call the fluffy creatures, in the end, the name Puffles won!
      The Orange Puffle is known to be goofy, zany and curious! It sure is very cute though.

  12. was its was a named the fluffy things contest

  13. was its was a named the fluffy things contest and what was the other names the penguin will name them

  14. did they submit what they call it want to be for was its was a named the fluffy things contest and what was the other names the penguin will name them

    • Penguins submitted their ideas for names to CP. CP chose they’re favourite name for the creatures which happened to be Puffles. Since it was many years ago, I do not actually know what other names penguins suggested as they only told CP. My guess is something like ‘Fluffles’ or ‘Puffballs’.

  15. jim dont know cp in 2005 2006 and disney wasnt the real owner of cp coz Rocketsnail is the real onwer

    • I do know CP in 2005/6 but since penguins sent their suggestions only to CP, I have no way of knowing.
      Disney bought CP in 2007, Rocketsnail (rsnail) is the co-founder, alongside Billybob of Club Penguin.

  16. rocksnail was the first owner and club penguin work with disney and you forgot your old penguin from 2005 and 2006

  17. and jim i found out your real name is your real name is matt

  18. jim’s real name is matt

  19. matt is jimbobson or jbson can mods on cp report player

  20. no mods can report them

    • If a player gets reported, then a report goes to the Moderators for a review. There would be no point in Moderators reporting penguins when they could ban them instantly.

  21. mods on pandanda report players and do you have window vista

  22. you have one laptop and are you britsh?

    • As I mentioned previously, I have TWO laptops. One has Windows XP (the one I use to update this site), the other has Windows Vista.
      Hence Pandanda UK, I am from the UK, England to be exact.

  23. is abdullah is your friend did you join pandanda kids

  24. abdullah never play pandanda again

  25. email disney and type in theres a game called pandanda vist pandanda.com

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