Penguin Play Awards!

Yo Penguins!

Today, the Penguin Play Awards began! and what a celebration it is! The awards is to celebrate all the past plays and vote for 1 of the 5 plays announced!

First of all, sorry to all non-members, they cannot access the Stage OR the Backstage of the Stage, but they can vote for their favourite plays at the Voting Booth at the Plaza!

Inside of the Stage, there is a huge TV showing the awards and the plays, be sure to check it out!


(My penguin’s name is Penguin32268960 as i used the French servers as they were not as busy).

Next is the Backstage, it is a little like the Backstage in the Music Jam, here you can find an Penguin Play Award for your Penguin!


A sign on the Stage (outside) says that ‘Different Guests will appear each week), my guess is ‘famous’ penguins such as Aunt Arctic and even G/Penguin Band/Cadence etc.

There is also 2 new igloo catalogues, there is a Furniture catalogue and a Igloo Upgrade catalogue!


The 5 winners of the Ice Sculpture contest that were announced yesterday have had their statues made, you can find them at several locations on the island.

I’ll update when/if i find any ‘famous’ penguins!

Cya at the Awards! and waddle on!


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