Awesome Adventure Party!

Yo Penguins!

The Adventure party is really great! CP is full of outdoor fun, such as; Water Polo in the Ice Rink, Scavenger Hunt and much more!

There is a free Green Safari Hat at the Plaza!

green safari hat

Next there’s the Scavenger Hunt! which has a special prize at the end if you complete it! Note: Most of these items require you to click them before they can be added to your hunt list, e.g. Click on a closed flower to open it up first.

First hunt item is in the Underground Pool (Cave)!

hunt item1

Second hunt item can be found at the Cove!

hunt item2

The third hunt item can be found at the Dock!

hunt item3

The fourth hunt item can be found at the Snow Forts!

hunt item4

The fifth hunt item can be found at the Iceberg (click on the water fountain in the sea, the Whale then appears.)

hunt item5

The sixth hunt item can be found at the Plaza!


The seventh hunt item can be found at the Beach, (Click the bubbles then the Jellyfish will appear.)

hunt item7

The eighth and final hunt item can be found at the Forest!

hunt item8

And there you have it! you have now completed the adventure hunt! You can now claim your free Adventure background.

That’s not all, in the Forest there is a Members only (sadly) Treehouse, this contains a Snowball eating plant (throw snowballs to make it grow) and a free item which is a Tropical Bird! (Used French servers to take this picture.)

member treehouse

Wait! there’s even more! Fairy Fables has returned to the Stage, and this time, you can actually read the play as a book!

fairy fables book

Wow, that was one big update! So be sure to check out the return of this play, complete the scavenger hunt, grab the free item’s, and most importantly- have fun!

Until next time, waddle on!


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