Music Jam Madness!

Yo Penguins!

The Music Jam 2009 has begun! with alot of new and old decorations! There is also 2 backstage rooms, which both require the All Access Pass!

all access pass

Once you have the All Access Pass (sadly Members only!) you can access both of the Backstage areas! At the Backstage area located at the Dock, you can buy Instruments and get the chance to hang out with the Penguin Band whilst they are on a ‘break’. (This room is the same as last years Music Jam.) In this room, you can purchase instruments from the Music Catalogue, click on the ‘i’ and the ‘o’ (shown below) to purchase hidden items!

music catalogue

In the second Backstage room (which returned from the Dance-A-Thon party back in January), you can find a free Boom Box!

boom box

As always, CP included something for the Non-members, a brand new item! This item is the Green Headphones and can be found at the Cove!

green headphones

And that’s not it!, the new pin is out! this is the Beach Umbrella pin we voted for on the blog! and can be found at the Boiler Room!

umbrella pin

Finally, there are brand new Igloo Upgrades and Igloo Furniture catalogues! filled with alot of items that involve music!

jul 09 furniture

The Penguin Band is taking a break from the Iceberg, so if your lucky enough to be a member, head to the Backstage room at the Dock and see if you can meet them! Cadence also appears in the Backstage Rooftop room! (Night Club Rooftop.)

So until next time, Rock on!


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  1. Nice post!
    The Dance-A-Thon was in January right?
    I have no idea why CP only brings head items this year!
    They might be preparing a massive hat party!! lol

  2. Can you come to my 6000 hits party?

    Here is the invitation:

    When? Saturday, July 25th, 2009

    Where? Frozen, Cove

    Time? 3:30 PM PST time (Penguin Standard Time)

    Why? Joji’s site got 6000 hits!

    Reply on my site if you can come 😉


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