New Snow And Sports catalogue! (and other cool stuff!)

Yo Penguins!

Today the latest Snow and Sports catalogue came out! It has a lot of American Football stuff. Most of the items are old but there’s some new wigs, and the green American football and cheerleading outfits! (As well as a new background for us non-members!) Note: There are no hidden items in this catalogue.

aug-nov sports

In other news; There’s a brand new pin released today! It is a Koi Fish and can be found at the Cove!

koi fish

And also at the Lighthouse there is loads of boxes for the Fall Fair! I can’t wait for September 4th! Rockhopper, New penguin styles and Fall Fair!

fall fair deco

So be sure to check out the new pin, catalogue and all the boxes!

Until next time, Waddle On!


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. wonder why there is a fish, and not a fair item pin? hmmmm

  2. Sometimes CP releases pins that are nothing to do with the event.
    I remember back in 2008, at the St.Patrick’s day party CP released a Red Book pin.

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