A hot fiery surprise!

Yo Penguins!

Today, something extremely unexpected happened. The skies of CP look like a sunset, and the next ninja path has begun! And a scavenger hunt has took place! (Some say CP actually meant to release it this Friday!)

First click the Fire symbol located next to the Moderator Symbol (top right of the screen.) You should now see a box with clues on where to find each fiery item.

sensei scavenger hunt

The first ‘fiery’ item is located in the Ski Lodge. (Note; Some items may need to be clicked twice before you can get it)

fire item1

The next hunt item is a candle and is located in the Book Room.

fire item2

The third hunt item is located in the Pet Shop. It is a very small match and appears when you click on the black puffle once. (after it has ‘fired up’!)

fire item3

The fourth hunt item is located inside the underground Mine.

fire item4

The fifth hunt item is located in the Pizza Parlour next to the latest pin!

fire item5

The sixth hunt item is located at the Cove on the campfire, it is a very small twig. (Haha I had fun typing that.)

fire item6

The seventh hunt item is located at the Beacon. It is a Jetpack and can be found near the Jet Pack Adventure game.

fire item7

The eighth and final hunt item is the left lantern at the Dojo Courtyard

fire item8

Once you have obtained all these items click ‘Claim Item’ and you will receive a Fire pin! (This pin, like all the rest will never return, so it is a lot rarer than some think!)

fire pin

Wow, so that’s what the Black puffles were doing. And that sneak peek also explains quite a lot. This is the ninjas latest path, and definitely a ‘hot’ one! Be sure to check out the skies and the Dojo Courtyard/Ninja Hideout. It contains a lot of brand new construction! (Note, this picture is not the FULL screen as I know some penguins want to see this for themselves.)

ninja hideout flame

In other news; Rockhopper and The Fair have both left CP. But at least our latest ninja path begins!

Until next time, Waddle on!


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