Halloween comes 1 day early!

Yo Penguins!

The CP Halloween party has come 1 day earlier than it should! It is packed with both new and old items, and as always, a scavenger hunt!

The Pumpkin Antenna is at the Plaza, this is a free item for everyone.

pumpken antenna

Now for the scavenger hunt, to begin or see clues, click the Pumpkin basket displayed at the top right of your screen next to the Moderator symbol. This will give you hints on where each sweet can be found.

The first sweet is in the Lodge Attic, first click the Pumpkin in between of the couches.

1st sweet

The second sweet is found at the  Dock, first you must click the carved out part of the pumpkin.

2nd sweet

The third sweet can be found at the Pet Shop, first you must click the Candle Holder (near the Red puffle).

3rd sweet

The fourth sweet can be found at the Cove. First you must click the book the Ghost is holding/reading.

4th sweet

The fifth sweet can be found inside the Underground Pool, it is disguised as a pumpkin light on the roof.

5th sweet

The sixth sweet can be found at the Football Pitch, it is hidden in one of the lights!

6th sweet

The seventh sweet can be found in the Forest, first you must click the rustling, moving bush. The sweet will then jump out. (How can a sweet jump anyway?)

7th sweet

The eighth and final sweet can be found inside the Mine!

8th sweet

Once you have obtained every sweet, you can obtain your prize! You must now click the Pumpkin basket at the top right hand corner of the screen again, this time, click ‘Claim Prize’.

claim prize

You will then get a brand new background, this background is full of pumpkins and even shows a Yellow puffle!

pumpkin BG

That’s not it! CP has even added 2 member rooms, a return of Gary’s Secret Lab from last years Halloween Party. And a brand new Haunted House room! To enter the Secret Lab, first you must go inside the Mine and click the glowing green lantern. A small opening in the wall then opens, you can now enter Gary’s Secret Lab!

member catalogue

(Click for full size)

The Haunted House room holds 1 free item for members only, this is a Pumpkin head! (Special thanks to Punkrockerz2 for allowing me to use her penguin!)

member room1

(Click for full size)

So that wraps up the Halloween party 2009! I guess the storm came just in time. I wonder why CP decided to release it 1 day earlier than expected? Also, like the past 2 Halloween parties, we have had 2 rumors made true. The yellow puffle and ninjas, I wonder if this party will have any secrets revealed?

Until next time, Waddle on! BWHAHAHAAHHA!!!


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  2. Hey Mazda!
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