The Great Snow Maze!

Yo Penguins!

The Winter member event is now on! It features a Great Snow Maze and even free items!

The Blue Pompom Touge can be found at Ski Hill, this is available for everyone!

There is also a brand new Snow And Sports catalogue in the Sports Shop, it features alot of wintery items!

Now for the Great Snow Maze, it is located at the Ski Village, to access the Maze, you must be a Member.

The maze consists of all sorts of twists and turns, here is the map to solve it.

Once you have reached the end of the Maze, you will notice a small entrance. Enter that entrance and you will be in the Yeti Cave! In this room, there will also be a free Yeti Costume! This room also features a Snow Trekker, could this be a clue?

In other news: The Ice Rink is back for the Winter! So get your Ice Skates ready for some major Hockey!

Overall, it is a great event! I love the fact that CP didn’t close the Ski Village for non-members, and they even gave everyone a free item!

Be sure to check my previous posts for the news on the latest game, Card Jitsu Fire!

Until next time, Waddle on!


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  1. mazda rulez (323)


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