Rockhopper, Coins for Change and much more!

Yo Penguins!

There’s a lot going on around the island, from secret items to Coins for Change, CP has it all!

First of all, Rockhopper is here! He has brought back with him some great Coins for Change items as well as a free background available for everyone!

Next up, we have the third Coins for Change! you can donate at several locations around the island, as well as member igloo’s who have purchased the Coins for Change Donation Station! The 3 causes are:

Next up, is the latest furniture catalogue. Packed with Christmas items, it also contains a never before seen item. It is a Mystery Present box and it will start to open on Christmas day! (Note: like all furniture items, its only for members).

Finally, time for the secret item. This item is very unique as it is only available through a certain way.

How to get it: To get this item, you must get a friend/other penguin send you the latest postcard, this can be found by clicking ‘New Message’ or ‘Reply to Buddy’ in the Penguin Mail. Once you send this postcard to someone, they will see it like this:

Once you receive this postcard, you must then click it, you will then be able to collect the Candy Cane Stocking Hat!

In other news: There is some construction going on at the Town, Night Club and Dance Lounge, looks like preparation for the Magical Sleigh Ride!

So be sure to check out all these great updates, and if anyone is finding it hard for a penguin to send the Gift Postcard, simply ask politely, I’m sure they will accept, tis the season for giving afterall!

Until next time, Merry Christmas!


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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