Treasure Book Series 6!

Yo Penguins!

Treasure Book Series 6 is finally here! Full of loads of really great items both old and new, and a brand new twist that no other previous Treasure Book has had!

Here is the front cover, as always, every Treasure Book has it’s very own unique front cover colour, this is purple for the Treasure Book Series 6.

Here is a picture of the Exclusives in the Treasure Book series 6. I especially like the Fire Puffle shirt!

There is also a brand new page. This page cannot be seen by simply viewing the Treasure Book, but actually unlocking items. These next set of items are called ‘Super Exclusives’. However, many do not actually know if they require anything different than simply entering codes.

Update: To get to the Super Exclusive page, you must of entered 5 or more unique codes. E.g If you have unlocked 1 code from each series 1-5, then once you enter your Series 6 code/Puffle code, you will then be able to unlock any 2 items as usual, but 2 more bonus items on the Super Exclusive page!

I especially like the Beta coloured shirt and the Raindrop Umbrella. This is the first time CP has ever released another item with the Beta test hat actually shown on it, so if you do happen to have a Series 6 code, be sure to unlock the Beta coloured shirt!

Until next time, Waddle on!


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  1. One of those exclusives look awfully alot like a beta thing, alot of ppl wear it now lol

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