Penguin Styles finally here!

Yo Penguins!

The updates are finally here! after a day delay (lol), they have arrived.

First of all, the Penguin Styles January 2010 is here! Many of you have noticed that the front cover says Jan 09 instead of Jan 10!

A great thing about this catalogue is a great new feature that allows you to create your own t-shirt! You can choose from 3 colours and 5 great designs! You can however, buy a shirt of each design, in each colour! So be sure that you have enough coins if you wish to buy em’ all!

The latest pin has also been released, it is a firework pin and can be found inside the Lighthouse!

(Some of you may be wondering why Jimbobson looks so different in that and the picture below, I was just wearing some of my older items, for old times sake!)

Finally, there are fireworks that are visible from the Mountain and Iceberg to celebrate the New Year!

So be sure to check out the latest Penguin Styles catalogue, watch the fireworks, create your own T-shirt and find the pin!

Until next time, Waddle on!


About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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