Dig it! Mine caves revealed!

Yo Penguins!

The Mine has revealed more caves, each well-decorated and with some hidden secrets!

First of all, you can pick up your Mining Helmets from the Mine. You WILL need one of these (or Yellow Hard Hats/CPIP Red Hard Hat) if you wish to explore all the caves. (A shovel will also work).

You will see a small opening where the Rock Slide was, enter this opening and you will be in the Mine Cave!

But how do we find the treasure you ask? Well this is where your Hard Hats/Mining Helmets come in. Simply wear ONLY the Hard Hat/Mining Helmet and/or the Safety Vest then dance. You should then be digging. (As seen above).

But how will this help us find treasure? If you click the sign with a Jackhammer and a Helmet on it, you will see this notice:

Once you dig in a certain area for a short time, a message will appear saying you have found treasure. Once you find all 4 pieces of the treasure you will get the Amethyst pin!

But that’s not it! the exploration continues, you will now notice that the huge rock to the far right has been removed. You can now enter the second Mine Cave!

Here, if your a member, you can buy the Deep Sea Divers Suit for only 50 coins! You will also noticed a damaged Aqua Grabber machine, I wonder who crashed here?

To go into the next and final cave, you must be a member. This is the 3rd Mine Cave, a suitable name for this cave would be a Underwater Cave.

Here, you can obtain the final item of this event, it is a Underwater Reef background! (Yes, it’s free!)

Wow, yet another huge update! I wonder if any more secrets will be revealed during the Cave exploration. I think this could mean something new for Aqua Grabber, or maybe even the Giant Squid?

Until next time, Keep exploring!


About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. why your jimbobson2 you dont play jord4 anymore

  2. you used to play on jord4 and you click on remember me and you forgot your penguin

    • No I didn’t. Jord4 was created by a real life friend of mine, he gave me Jord4. When I first got Jord4, I used to use that penguin most, as it was rare. I still go on it, but rarely. I mainly go on Jord4 to get Stamps, items and pins. Other penguins of mine include Jimbobson, Jimbobson 2 and Xyz Dragon 2 (Xyz Dragon 2 was also created by a friend then given to me later on).

  3. did they broken the rules on club penguin and steals their accounts

  4. cant tip the iceberg with your spade

  5. how to you dig the floor with a spade and are you a worker of the cave

  6. are you a worker of the mine cave

    • No, I am a Ninja, Fire Ninja and Elite Agent. These comments are becoming more and more spammy. If this continues I will have to block you from commenting on this site.

  7. im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry for make bad comments yes you are a ninja tour guide and a agent

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