Medieval Party Member Quest #1!

Yo Penguins!

In this post, I will cover the first Medieval Party Knight’s Member Quest!

First of all, to start a quest you must first head to the Underground Pool. You must also be a member to enter the rooms. Here you will see both Quest’s 1 and 2.

Knight’s Quest 1:

Once you enter this Quest, you must stand on all the Orb’s platforms until all the Orb’s are lit up. You can then go to the next room and collect a Staff and Shield members only item!

You must then hit the targets 50 times in total. You can then progress to the next room through the gate and get the Iron Helmet!

Next up is the hardest part of this quest, the maze. Here are the directions you must take:

Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up.

After you have completed the maze, you can then receive the final item in this quest, the Iron Armour!

So be sure to stay tuned for the 2nd Knight’s Quest cheats!

Until next time, Waddle on!


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