Medieval Party Member Quest #2!

Yo Penguins!

In this post, I will cover the second Medieval Party Knight’s Member Quest!

First of all, to start a quest you must first head to the Underground Pool. You must also be a member to enter the rooms. Here you will see both Quest’s 1 and 2.

Knight’s Quest 2:

Once you enter the Quest, the first room you will see is a room full of Hot Sauce and 4 different medieval statues. You must throw 3 Snowballs at each Torch that the statues are holding. You can then progress through the tunnel.

In the second room, you must navigate the Key to the Lock. You can then progress through the next tunnel.

In the third room you will see a large dragon and a barrel. You must throw snowballs into the barrel until the barrel is full, you can then use the water to spray the dragon! You must repeat this 2 more times, then you can go through the opening.

In the next room you can pick up a free item, a Noble Horse! (made out of cardboard). In the upper left, you can pick up a Toothbrush pin, and in the upper center, you can pick up a Dragon’s Gold!

And so concludes how you complete the 2nd Knight’s Quest! Be sure to check the previous posts for all the latest coverage on the Medieval Party, and even Herbert’s secret message!

Until next time, Waddle on ye brave knights and princesses!


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