Latest mission causes change in CP!

Yo Penguins!

Today’s update was very unexpected, happening mid-week along with a 1-day early release of the latest Newspaper, along with a new pin. What could CP have planned?

Since many penguins have already completed Mission 11. Many have been asking why the HQ remains if it got destroyed by popcorn in the latest mission. But now, the mission changes have effected the island! CP also tells that Agents can expect more soon, what could this mean?

Ski Village, the Sports Shop and even the HQ are full of Popcorn, here’s the HQ:

(Click for full size and better quality).

The latest CPT issue also reveals that the Sports Shop is so heavily destroyed, it will soon be gone for good. (What?!?!) However, the Snow & Sports catalogue will soon be located at the Ice Rink, which is becoming a Stadium on May 28th! What will happen to the HQ?

In other news: A brand new pin has been released today (2 days early!), it is a Cream Soda Barrel and can be found at the Book Room!

It looks like CP is planning HUGE changes to the island, I wonder what plans are left for PSA agents, and of course, Herbert?

Until next time, Waddle on!


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