E.P.F Agent news! (And other agent stuff!)

Yo Penguins!

Now it’s time for the update EVERYBODY has been waiting for! Since the Popcorn explosion caused by Herbert has destroyed the HQ and Sports Shop, Agents have been patiently waiting for a new HQ, and new tests!

First of all, you will notice the Sports Shop has been replaced with the Everyday Phoning Facility (EPF). Entering this room will not actually let you into the EPF Command Room on first entry, you must first take the test!

If your an agent, and click the current Spy Phone, this message will appear:

Click ‘Go There’. You will then see yourself in the Everyday Phoning Facility, but without any other penguins. You must take a test to meet the requirements to become a EPF agent. The tests are fairly simple, and if you want to become an EPF agent, I suggest you try your best to figure it out without any help!

(Click for larger image).

First of all, you must click the Telephone Box, then you must throw a Snowball at the Target. You will then have a series of tests to pass, simply follow the on-screen instructions and you can’t go wrong!

After you pass all the tests, the room shown above (labeled with the E.P.F initials) will open. You can now enter the brand new HQ (E.P.F Command Room!) Note: It is different from the original Command room as the picture below will clearly show.

(Click for larger image).

Wow, look how many EPF agents there is already! Not only will you gain access to this awesome new room (with awesome music!), but you will also get a brand new Spy Phone!

Looks like CP will add 2 more features to the Spy Phone in the future! Also, since many of us was wondering what the code from Herbert’s Revenge unlocks, it unlocks an Elite Puffle! (More details on that when I get the game!)

So be sure to take the latest test and become an EPF agent, the island needs you!

Until next time, keep Herbert away from Popcorn!!!


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