Field Op mission #2!

Yo Penguins!

The next Field Op mission is finally out! Simply head to the EPF Command room and click on the ‘Field Op’ screen. This message will appear from G:

Click ‘Continue’ to accept the mission. You must then head to the Mountain (Ski Hill), here you must move towards the Sign Post shown below. (That it is you do manage to access Ski Kill then actually move towards it due to a huge amount of penguins trying to complete the Field Op too, also as shown below).

Once/If you manage to get near to the sign post, your Elite Phone will start flashing, click it and this message will appear:

Then comes the main part of the mission, the puzzle/game. You need to move the Micro Battery (green box thingy) to a chip (grey thingy). Once you have fully charged a chip (it will have a green circle on it), you must return to the Recharging Station (place where you began). Do these for each of the 4 chips, but watch out for the power zappers! (red thingys). For the final chip, you must collect the key which is somewhere around the maze, you can then enter the final chip once the key is obtained.

Once you have completed the puzzle, the Field Op will be completed! You will then earn 1 Medal to spend on the Elite Gear! Note: Only the Earpiece is for everyone, the Delta and Alpha items are only available to Members.

Wow, what a unexpected Field Op! After last weeks, many were thinking that this weeks was going to be easy too, but it’s more complex and requires patience. Lots and lots of patience!

Until next time, Waddle on!


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