Field Op mission #4!

Yo Penguins!

The 4th weekly Field Op came out early! To accept this Field Op, head to the EPF Command Room and click on the yellow ‘Field Op’ screen. This message will appear:

Click ‘Accept Field-Op’ to oddly enough, accept the field op. Now you need to head to the Lodge Attic and move onto the red sofa located below (you need to stand where the group of penguins below are standing).

Once you get to this area, your Spy Phone will flash. Click on it and this message will appear:

Yes, this puzzle is the same as the one from the 2nd Field Op. I wonder if CP will just keep repeating them? Anyways, if you don’t know how to complete the puzzle, here’s how:

You need to move the Micro Battery (green box thingy) to a chip (grey thingy). Once you have fully charged a chip (it will have a green circle on it), you must return to the Recharging Station (place where you began). Do these for each of the 4 chips, but watch out for the power zappers! (red thingys). For the final chip, you must collect the key which is somewhere around the maze, you can then enter the final chip once the key is obtained.

Once you have completed the mission, you will receive a Medal. This Medal will be added to your total and with this you can buy items from the Elite Gear!

And so concludes this weeks Field Op. Stay tuned for updates on the Music Jam coming later this week and other upcoming events!

Until next time, Waddle on!


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