Music Jam 2010!

Yo Penguins!

Sorry for the day delay, I was very busy yesterday.

Back to the island, and the Music Jam 2010 finally kicked off yesterday and is one of the biggest and best parties this year!

First of all, there are some Blue Headphones available for everyone, at the Cove!

Members can also purchase cool shirts and the all important All Access Pass from either Ski Village or the Snow Forts. Note: You will need this years All Access Pass (past years do not count) to enter more rooms in CP, remember, you must be a member!

Once you have your All Access Pass, you can enter any of the 3 rooms exclusive to those who have the Pass. The most common Pass room is Backstage (returned from past years), this can be found at the Dock. Inside the Backstage room, you will notice there are some instruments on sale (with more to be added July 15th) and even a free item!

The free Red Music Jam Shirt:

The Instruments for sale: (more will be added July 15th)

Another Pass only room is the Night Club Rooftop (From the Dance-a-thon members event), it is located above the Dance Lounge. The Boom Box from the same party has also returned so be sure to pick one up!

(Click for full size).

The final Pass only room is the Casa Fiesta, this is a brand new room ,never seen before! The entrance for this is also at the Ski Village or you can get to it through the Backstage area.

(Click for full size).

Cadence has also been spotted around the island and is giving out a brand NEW background! Not only that, but the background is available for EVERYONE! For proof, check out the picture below of Jimbobson wearing the new background:

Since the Penguin Band (PB) are playing at the Iceberg, that will mean that they will soon be on a ‘break’ where they actually appear in the Backstage area and can chat, as well as give out free backgrounds! (Simply click on the brown box on any of the Penguin Band’s members to receive it. This works the same for Gary, Rockhopper, Sensei and Cadence).

Could this mean the Penguin Band will also give out a new background? Who knows? Stay tuned to find out!

Until next time, Jam on!


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