Mini Meeting Cadence Review!

Yo Penguins!

Earlier on Iceland. I met the famous penguin dancer, Cadence! She first appeared at the Town, making the background she gives away available for everyone- not just members!

After a while dancing in the Town, she then moved into the Night Club.

(Notice how Cadence looks like a blob? Haha!)

Next Cadence went to the Dance Lounge (the final place where everyone could meet her, before she went to the Rooftop).

If you do manage to meet Cadence and want the free background she gives away. Simply click on her penguin and her playercard will pop-up. On her playercard, click the brown box (where the ‘Add Buddy’ icon is). You can then receive the free background!

Did you manage to meet Cadence? In other news: Since the Music Jam has been rocking since Friday, I think the Penguin Band will be off their break tomorrow. This means that they will be available to find, like Cadence, but at the Backstage area. Will there be a new background? Will the background (if new), be available for everyone?

Until next time, Waddle on!


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