Giant Squid..coming soon?

Yo Penguins!

The Giant Squid (Or Kraken as the sprites name was on CP) has been around for a fair while now. Ever since it was first spotted in the first level of Aqua Grabber, the Squid has made a few other appearances.

1) Aqua Grabber: Visible the third time you play the first level. There is also a Stamp for spotting it in Aqua Grabber.

2) Silhouette Sneak Peek on the blog: many months back, also showing silhouettes of Herbert and a Puffle. Herbert has appeared in the latest DS game and mission, and the Puffle silhouette was the Orange Puffle. So all that remains is the Giant Squid.

3) Puffle Rescue: Can be seen on the Black Puffle level, once you rescue the Black Puffle in the first level, The Giant Squid will appear. If followed, it will lead to a stairway leading to the Underwater Room.

4) Island Adventure Party: Could be seen at the Iceberg every 15 minutes. (Check out June posts for further details).

Many think the Giant Squid will appear in a possible upcoming level 3 of Aqua Grabber, and with the Sneak Peek shown on the blog recently, a third level of Aqua Grabber (and possibly the Giant Squid itself) could be arriving this month!

What do you think about the Giant Squid or a possible third level of Aqua Grabber? Any ideas?

Until next time, Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Frontier.


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