Jimbobson’s Theory- Card Jitsu Water & Snow!

Yo Penguins!

As a few may already know, I love posting about my theories of upcoming events on CP, it’s one of my favourite things to post about! I will be posting my theories a lot more from now on, including some history of Club Penguin you might not know about!

History- The Dawn Of Ninjas and Card Jitsu

13th November, the ‘day of the Ninjas’ (or so I like to call it). Back in 2008, on this date the Dojo Exterior/Coutyard was revealed. The Dojo had being badly damaged by lightning from the Great Storm at the Halloween Party 08, a mysterious figure named ‘??????’ (now known as ‘Sensei’) then appeared at the right of the Dojo wearing a coat and digging with a large shovel. A sign above him read ‘DIG OUT THE DOJO’. From that day forward, the new Dojo as we know it today was upgraded. Sensei began to train penguins in the ancient art of Card Jitsu, and Ninja’s filled the island.

History- Card Jitsu Fire and the Fire Dojo

After the Fall Fair 2009, the smoke was seen coming from the Volcano. Sensei had a Scavenger Hunt take place on the island (the sky on the island had turned orange from the Volcano!). All the penguins who helped collect all the fiery items in the Scavenger Hunt received a Fire Pin as a reward.

Exactly one year after the Dojo Courtyard was revealed, construction of the Fire Dojo began on 13th November 2009. The game of Card Jitsu Fire was eventually released on 23rd November 2009, and penguins began to become Fire Ninjas and earn a Fire Gem for their Amulet.

My Theory

There is a point to all of this typing about Card Jitsu and Ninjas, I’m not just trying to sound smart! My theory is that either Card Jitsu Water, or Card Jitsu Snow will begin this year in November. It is very likely that the construction for the Water or Snow Dojo will begin on 13th November 2010. After the construction has been completed, penguins will then be able to play either Card Jitsu Water or Snow and become either Water or Snow Ninjas and receive the next Gem for their Amulets.

But which element, Water or Snow?

Although it could be any at this moment, CP have probably already started designing the next Card Jitsu and Dojo, as well as the outfit for Ninjas. The Card Jitsu game itself will probably be different from the original and Fire version. But which element could it be?

Well, I personally think that Water will be the next element for Ninjas to master. If you speak to Sensei, he shows a picture of a Ninja penguin in front of 3 doors with elemental symbols on them. The first door had a Fire symbol (this doors open), the second door has a Water symbol, and the third has a Snow symbol. Since we already have Card Jitsu Fire, the next door has a Water symbol above it. Also supporting my idea of Card Jitsu Water.

Along with Card Jitsu Water, there would be the Water Dojo. But where could this be located? Well, my guess is that the Water Dojo will be located behind the Waterfall shown below:

For everyone, or Members only?

If I’m honest, I think both Card Jitsu Water and Snow will both be for Members only, as only Members have access to the Amulet in the Martial Artworks Catalogue located at the Ninja Hideout. And with CP’s outbreak of almost everything for Members, it is most likely that both will be Members only.

Once our Amulets are completed and we have received all 3 Gems, what will happen?

Although nothing is 100% confirmed yet. I believe that penguins will have access to a whole new, members only location for penguins who have mastered all 3 elements and received all the Gems for their Amulets. I also think that those who have mastered all the elements will receive a new outfit, (possibly the Grey colour?) along with special powers such as being able to walk on walls. I think this as it has been witnessed that Sensei can in fact walk on walls like Ninjas were rumoured to be able to do before November 2008.

Maybe these master Ninjas will only be able to walk on walls in certain locations, or maybe they will be able to walk on walls in any room on the island, I do not know. It is also very likely, if my theories are correct, that only Members will have access to walking on walls/special powers etc.

Thanks for reading!

If you have managed to read the whole of this without your head scrambled, I congratulate you! But a huge thanks for reading this, it took quite a while to actually type it down and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have any questions or suggests, feel free to let me know.

Note: These are my THEORIES, they are not 100% confirmed and may never actually happen.

Until next time, Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Frontier.


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  1. card jitsu water coming november 2010 card jitsu snow coming november 2011 and then card jitsu air and then card jitsu legenary then the last pufle card jisu then your sumari then you become a sensei with special powers

    • Great theory! Although the Amulet can only contain the 3 gems (Water, Snow and Fire), and Sensei owns all three, he is currently the only penguin to have mastered all 3 elements!

  2. oh and fire dojo at volcano water at waterfall and snow at mountain hope this helps and good theory

  3. fire dojo are not for non member

  4. Hey this is my theory if u get all the elements mastered there will be a place called the element hideout then in their there will be a new amulet that has the emelent of ground air and maeby metal? then like someone else said you will become a new ninja called the samari in the master ninja dojo then you will be a sensi in the mastered samuri dojo then you will have accees to the ulimeted dojo called the ulimeted dojo then i dont know if this will happen but its my therore

  5. card jitsu water should be in construion right now but it isn’t whats with that

  6. Card Jitsu Water is coming Soon then Card Jitsu Snow & Ice

  7. I’ve already beat water,and fire i can’t wait until snow comes out!

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