Who does that Cave belong to?

Yo Penguins!

Since the release of the Mountain Expedition, many penguins who have found the secret Cave hidden in the Mountain have been wondering, who does it belong to?

(Click for larger image).

Many think it belongs to Herbert. However, this is very unlikely. The main reasons that prove this Cave does NOT belong to Herbert are:

-Herbert hates cold places, this Cave is covered in ice. The candles are for light, and would not provide enough heat anyway.

Herbert is a Vegetarian, what would he want with the fish in the box next to the chair?

-This Cave looks like it has been around for many, many years. Hence the Sabertooth Fish and Octopus.

-We have already seen Herbert’s hideout in Missions and on the Herbert’s Revenge DS game.

So, who does this Cave belong too? Well, it is highly likely that this Cave belongs to a Yeti. Yeti’s have been rumoured around CP for a while now and are said to live in Mountains of cold, snowy places. I’m sure you will all agree that a Yeti living in this Cave would make much more sense than Herbert living here.

Also, for those who remember the Great Snow Maze in 2009, there was a Yeti’s Cave. This Cave contained the Yeti Costume (the same one as Jimbobson 2 is wearing in the picture above). The Yeti’s Cave looks similar to the Cave at the Mountain Expedition. Also notice, the furniture, the box of fish and the fact that the Yeti’s Cave is covered in ice.

The Penguin in the Club Penguin Times issue #251 also explained that there’s something strange at the top of the Mountain for sure. This could mean the Yeti was seen at the top of the Toughest Mountain then disappeared, and could return to it’s Cave anytime..

Until next time, Climb on!

-Club Penguin Frontier.


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