Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Penguins!

CP’s 5th anniversary has arrived 1 day only, I guess that means, like previous years, the party will go on a little longer than 1 day!

As soon as you log in, you will notice that the Coffee Shop has been turned into a giant cake! The snowballs you throw in the Town (and Coffee Shop/Book Room) will be the  colours of the party hat!

Inside the Coffee Shop, there’s a huge cake as per usual, but this time having 5 layers! (I wonder what the cake will look like when they get to 10?) If you click on the candles (highlighted on the cake), you will receive a brand new Stamp, exclusive to this party!

(Click for larger image).

If you click on the present highlighted above, you will receive the all important item- The 5th Anniversary Party Hat!!

(Yes, for once Jimbobson is not wearing the Red Hard Hat- it’s a special occasion!)

This years party hat has the most colours yet! Dark Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Turqouise (green/aqua). Bringing the total to 5 colours (for the 5th Anniversary!) I guess it’s not Green and Yellow as I suspected, but it does contain both those colours, so I was pretty close 😉

The Book Room has also been decorated in the Party Hat colours, it also shows several of the drawings we could submit on the What’s New blog on the wall. Not to mention, a brand new Year Book!

(Click for larger image).

The Year Book focuses on what’s happened on the island the past year, from the Halloween party 2009, to The Fair 2010! Here’s the front cover:

So, be SURE to check out CP’s 5th Anniversary! I know I say that about everything, but this party is the shortest party of the year, going on for only 1 day. And remember, the Party Hat will never be repeated- get it while you can!

Until next time, Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

-Club Penguin Frontier.


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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