Halloween Party 2010 Post 2- Member Rooms!

Happy Halloween Penguins!

As promised, in this post I will talk about the Member only rooms/features/items etc. If you need help with the free item or the candy hunt, check the post below this one for all the guides.

The Haunted House makes a re-appearence this year, to get to it, simply head to the Forest and go through the ‘Haunted House’ path. You should then be in the Haunted House Entrance, go inside and you will be in the actual Haunted House. (Like the TARDIS, it’s much bigger on the inside as it is on the outside.) This room contains 1 free item exclusive to members, the Ghost Costume!

(Click for full image).

The next Member room is the Dark Chamber. To get into the Dark Chamber, you must go through the ‘Dark Chamber’ path in the Forest. This will take you to the Dark Swamp. To open the door to the next room, you must first remember the order in which the different coloured liquids appear. Once remembered, you must then put the exact same order by pressing the different coloured keys on the piano. For example, if the pattern the liquids showed was pink, orange, blue, orange, then you must click those coloured keys on the piano in that exact order. Repeat this several times and the door to the next room will eventually open.

(Click for larger image).

The next room is a maze, however this is Halloween in CP, it’s not that simple! The maze is dark and you can only see a small light around you, not the entire maze. Towards the begining of the maze, you can find a free Lantern.

The maze itself is actually quite simple, although it could take a while to figure out, the arrow signs will guide you to the end. The end of the maze is directly at the other side of the room from the starting point. Once you finish the maze, you can go to the next room of the Dark Chamber.

Update: If you wear your Night Vision Goggles and go into this maze, you will be able to see the maze fully. Here’s a picture showing what the maze looks like with Night Vision Goggles:

(Click for larger image).

The next room you will find yourself in the final room, the Monster Room. This room does not contain a puzzle, but is covered with whacky experiments and plenty of candy! You can also pick up a Pile O’ Candy here, though very little actually know what it’s purpose is. It’s actually an Igloo furniture item! You can pick up as much Pile O’ Candy as you need.

(Click for larger image).

But that’s not it for this room, there’s also a Monster Maker catalogue. Simply click on the green paper at the bottom right of your screen. This catalogue features many different items, both old and new.

(Click for larger image).

And so concludes all the coverage for this years Halloween Party- for now! Don’t forget that Gary will be appearing throughout the party in the Dark Chamber, I wonder if he has a new spooky background for us? I also think a mystery, perhaps regarding Ninjas and Card Jitsu Water could be revealed during this party. After all, it’s not like CP to have a Halloween party without any mysteries…

Until next time, Trick or Treat!

-Club Penguin Frontier.


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