Cloudy..with a chance of Card Jitsu!

Yo Penguins!

The Halloween party has ended for yet another year, but that doesn’t mean the mysteries and fun has. There’s still plenty of new releases and stuff to do, let’s take a look:

First of all, a brand new Penguin Styles released today with many new items for the upcoming rainy weather. The front cover:

First page of new stuff: (plus hidden items)

Second page of new items: (plus hidden stuff)

Third page of new stuff: (plus hidden items)

For many years now, a few backgrounds have been released each month in the catalogue for everyone- something most non-members look forward too. But, in this issue, a shocking surprise was discovered. There is one new background this month, and this is…for Members?!?!

In other news: All those who log on will notice that CP’s sky is now dark grey. This is due to the Storm from the Halloween party, rain will soon start to pour from the clouds which will trigger Card Jitsu Water!

Finally, a new pin has been released to the island. It is a Water Tap and can be found at the Beach. Will a tap be used later on this month for all the water from the rain? Who knows..

So be sure to collect the new pin and check out the latest Penguin Styles! And if you are not already, now is the perfect time to become a Ninja/Fire Ninja, for things are not “hotting up”, but rather “pouring down”…

Until next time, Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Frontier


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Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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