Holiday Party, Rockhopper, Coins for Change and more!

Yo Penguins!

A huge update hit the island today, from Rockhopper to the Holiday Party- December is certainly a great month!

First of all, since the Holiday Party has begun, you can get free Reindeer Antlers at the Ski Village.

If your a member, you can go take a ride on the Sleigh and deliver presents! To get there, like last year, simply go to the Dance Lounge and through the entrance. Delivering presents works exactly the same as it did last year, simply press the red button whenever your (almost) directly above a chimney, you must correctly get 15 presents into the chimneys to win the prize- a Toy Sack! (It will be located in the same place as highlighted below, it will not remain there for long so act fast!)

(Click for full size).

There is also a secret room known as ‘???’. It features a forest type location with a giant Christmas tree in the center. You can get to this room by going at the bottom left of the Town (you will notice an arrow sign), or at the bottom right of the Plaza (you will notice another arrow sign).

(Click for full size).

Rockhopper has also arrived today as expected. With him he has also brought Coins for Change and of course, his rare items!

Note: Both the Globe Hat and Coins for Change background are available for everyone, the rest is Members only.

This year, as always, Coins for Change has three choices to choose from, so you choose where your coins go. The three choices are:

You can donate coins by going to any of the donation stations located at several locations, (donation, station, location!) the Town, Plaza, Lighthous, Ski Village and Beach. You can also choose the amount you wish to donate, either 100, 500, 800 or 5,000!

Finally, a new pin has also been released onto the island. It is a Snow Globe and can be found at the Dock!

Overall, an excellent party to end 2010! Be sure to donate your hard earned coins, collect the latest pin, find Rockhopper, enjoy the party, and of course, have a Merry Christmas!!!

Until next time, Merry Christmas!

-Club Penguin Frontier.


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  1. This party is very dissapointing this year// 1 item… and not even the scarf returned! santa hats and beards are now mems >_<, fuck… i was hoping for the scarf to return.. ive been on cp since september 07 and its been going downhill… at least the antlers returned… cp looks too modern now… its sickening 😦 oh the memories.

  2. I missed my old account.. it had 07 xmas stuff and it COULD of had the october 07 anniversary yellow and orrange party hat along with the halloween scarf 😦 its all coming back mems now.

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