Wilderness Expedition (And Brown Puffles!)

Yo Penguins!

The Wilderness Expedition has begun! This party is pretty unique, as it contains plenty of puzzles and even a free Puffle for those who reach the end (something what NO other party, EVER on the island has had!).

To start exploring, you must go to the Dock and follow the arrow sign, you will then end up at the Glade, which holds a free item for everyone!

You can then head into the forest of the tall trees (shown below), this will take you to the next room.

You will then end up in the first part of the Wilderness, this is simply a huge maze, except there is clues lying around. You can find several gadgets such as gears, follow these items and you will eventually reach the end.

(Click for larger image).

As you can see there’s 4 paths (up, down, left, right), here’s a direction guide on how to complete this puzzle from where Jimbobson is in the picture:

Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right.

After following the directions above, you should now reach the Cliff which contains a large, strange machine in which Brown Puffles are rumoured to of created!

(Click for larger image).

This is the main puzzle of the Expedition and manages to confuse a large amount of penguins, simply click on/throw snowballs at these items IN ORDER below:

1) Click on the Plug, this will plug it into the power socket.

2) Click on the Coffee beans.

3) Click on the tap-like machine which will pour coffee into the clear jug container.

4) Click the Jug.

5) Click on the bright green button.

6) Click on the rectangular pink and green buttons, followed by the yellow and pink buttons, and finally the blue and pink buttons. Then click on the blue lever.

7) Click the Piano keys that are highlighted in green.

8 ) Throw several snowballs at the fire.

9) Click the Piano keys that are highlighted in green once more.

10) Click on the bright green button which is located below the Telephone.

11) Click all the green square buttons.

12) Click on both the pink and blue levers.

13) Click on the steering wheel-like object next to the levers.

14) Click on the red lever next to the Telephone.

15) Click on the Hot Sauce bottle.

16) Click on the water container.

17) Click on the air vent.

18) Click on the toaster, and finally throw several snowballs at the target.

This puzzle should now be complete, a barrel will appear next to the platform, step onto it and it will take you to the next part.

You will then end up at the Shore, here you will have to construct a boat (oddly enough), using the materials. This is a very simple puzzle and should not require much, if any trouble at all.

(Click for full size).

Here is how the boat will look when it’s completed:

But wait! Before you go sailing off to find Brown Puffles, there’s a catch. You must first buy a Life Jacket from the stand, it costs 50 coins but is only available to Members. So, only Members can continue the Expedition from here.

For those non-members who have the Orange Life Jacket given away from Rockhopper when The Migrator crashed into the iceberg, you will notice that it is now faded in your inventory (just like a Member item). I hope CP has just made a mistake, and will make it for everyone again after the party.

Once you have both purchased (and you need to be wearing) the Life Jacket, and completed the boat, you can get into it and sail off. You will then end up at the Bay! (Brown Puffle Cave entrance).

(Click for larger image).

Enter the Brown Puffle Cave, and you will find many Brown Puffles and also many strange gadgets created by them.

(Click for larger image).

Instead of waiting until the Brown Puffles become available in the Pet Shop for 800 coins, we can adopt them FREE by clicking on the note highlighted in the picture above! Note: You can currently only have one Brown Puffle.

(Note: Upon clicking on the note for the first time, there will be an ‘Adopt’ button where the ‘You have already adopted a brown puffle’ text is.)

As you can tell, I have already adopted my Brown Puffle, his name is Coco! Here is a picture of him on Jimbobson 2’s playercard:

This Puffle has the highest intelligence of all Puffles, it loves to wear its very own Goggles (even when eating and sleeping!), and also enjoys building new gadgets.

Well, what a HUGE post this has been, the biggest yet? I’d say so! So be sure to check out this great party, and of course those cute Brown Puffles. When they are released, I wonder if they will be available for everyone, or just Members? My guess is perhaps everyone, why else would CP release them for free now, and then for 800 coins later, just for Members?

Until next time, Keep exploring!

-Club Penguin Frontier.


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  2. for some reason, the life vest is now non-member and u still can’t go on the boat…

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