Meeting Happy77!

Greetings Penguins!

Today whilst on the English Test Server 1, I met the infamous moderator Happy77!

Due to the lack of penguins at the time, she didn’t receive much of a crowd…at first.

I then decided to check to see what pins she owns, she even has the Shamrock pin! (first pin.)

She then moved on to the Dock, where she told a few things about what CP is working on. It appears that the team is still working on Puffle hats, and they will be released soon. There is, as of yet no plans of an item for Beta Team testers, although any ideas of items have can be passed on to the team. Although many already know this, The Fair is certain to arrive next month, and finally, Billybob will give us updates about the latest Card Jitsu (Snow!) sometime soon!

So the events for the rest of the year seem to be:

September: The Fair

October: 6th Anniversary party followed by Halloween party

November: Snow celebration (perhaps a blizzard?) plus Snow Dojo/Ninjas revealed

December: Annual Christmas party

Sounds like a great finish to the year! And a special thanks to Happy77 for the visit today, that is 2 moderators I have seen so far (Happy77 and rsnail in CPIP), and I hope to meet the rest of them sometime!

Until next time, Waddle on!



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