Free Club Penguin Coin Code! (Fastest penguin wins!!)

Greetings Penguins!

To celebrate my return to making videos and the occasional blogging, I have decided to give away a free Club Penguin coin code!

So how do I get it? I hear you ask. Well, simply click on the link below to view the video. (Free Club Penguin Coin Code) Remember, once it’s gone…it’s gone! Act fast!

The video

So be sure to stay tuned for further details and upcoming codes! The next one will be a Card Jitsu code…stay tuned!

Until next time, Good luck Penguins!



About Jimbobson

Virtual World & Tech enthusiast. 3D Artist.

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  1. Will u post in this post or create a new one? Also will you put it on youtube?

  2. WOOOOOOOO! I cant wait for my 1st toy code….:D

  3. Is it series 13?

    • It comes from a White Puffle plush and so will unlock the latest Treasure Book, which happens to be Series 13!
      P.S Don’t get your hopes up to high! There will be many other penguins wanting this code too…

  4. Ha ok :)!

  5. Lol I saw the video 14 minutes after it was put on tube

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