CP Video Blog by Billybob!

Greetings Penguins!

The other day, Billybob (Lane) posted a video blog in which featured many upcoming things in the next 3 months. Check it out:

So, the main updates are:

Puffle Launch became a top 10 app for the Apple devices, and an Android is NOW released!

Field-Ops are back this week! 

Puffle hats! As well as plush versions!

New Puffle system- see stats once again! Plus in-game notifications!

Billybob does not own a Puffle named Stinky423! (rofl)

New chat feature we Beta Tested will be in-game very soon!

New friends system to be released, we will be able to have (almost) unlimited buddies!

Halloween party! This year everyone will be able to access the Haunted Mansion!

October 24th – 6th Anniversary! -Free party hat!

I loved the video blog, much more entertaining than a written blog, right? Hmm…that gives me an idea..

In other news: What a huge hit the Coin Code contest was! We had over 200 views in ONE day! Great thanks for everyone who visited. Stay tuned for more details on another free code..

Until next time, Waddle on!






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