Mascots can now be your friend!

Greetings Penguins!

I’m sure many of you already know this, but you can now add the CP mascots! (Rockhopper, Gary, Sensei etc.) I managed to meet Gary on Jimbobson 2 again today, (as neither Jimbobson or Jord4 have their friends list back yet..) so I sent him a friend request and he accepted!

I think that if Gary is controlled by a bot instead of a staff member, your request will automatically be accepted. However, this could also apply for when he is controlled by a staff member.

It also seems that Jet Pack Guy, PH and Dot will soon become mascots too! As if you search their names to try add them, then it says you must ‘Meet them on the island’. This also means new backgrounds and Stamps too!

In other news: Could Aunr Arctic be the Director? I know we’ve all heard rumours about it before, but CP may have leaked some information. With the new chat feature, when you type in ‘Aunt Arctic is the’…the word Director comes up. Could this be a confirmation from CP, or just a statement? Who knows!

So be sure to try find Gary as you only have a few days left! If you can add him then it will make your virtual life so much easier, as you can open his playercard and obtain his background at ANY TIME if you don’t already! Probably one of the best things CP added since mascots themself!

Until next time, Waddle on!



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