Club Penguin 2012 Events! (Contains Spoilers!)

Greetings Penguins!

Information has been leaked through several magazines in which show what CP have planned for 2012! We can see that most parties/events have been seen before but will hopefully have something unique in comparison to the others. Anyways, here’s the list of events:

January – Underwater party! I enjoyed this party the first time, so this is definitely something I’m looking forward to.

February – Rockhopper’s Quest! Little is known about this event at the moment. It could be a scavenger hunt or something similar to re-building The Migrator? Who knows.

March – Puffle Party! Now become an annual party and always features a brand new puffle. I hope you penguins like the colour hot pink! This party will also probably introduce PH the Puffle Handler as a meetable mascot.

April – April Fools Party! Rookie will most likely be visiting as well as a few other surprises. Earth Day is also on the 22nd, perhaps CP will do something to celebrate?

May – Card-Jitsu Snow?! ‘Battle as a Ninja’ – this probably means that Card-Jitsu Snow will finally be introduced. Unless CP has other plans for ninjas?

June – Music Jam! The Penguin Band will be returning as usual. I wonder if they will keep their same style as last year? Most likely..

July – Nothing Planned. I’m guessing CP may be torn between a couple of ideas. My guess is that a summer-type party will be this months main event. I’d LOVE to see a Summer kick-off party (as the Summer kick-off party 2007 was my first official party!) as we haven’t had one for a while..

August – New EPF Mission! Many are guessing Herbert will finally awake from hibernation. If I’m honest, I thought he would wake up long before now but guess not.

September – Fall Fair! I still call this the Fall Fair, despite its name been changed to ‘The Fair’ (How creative..). This party has now become an annual event ever since it first saw the light of day in 2007.

October – Halloween Party and 7th Anniversary party! Okay, who didn’t see this coming? October is probably my favourite month of the whole year on CP. We will expect a brand new party hat, not to mention mascots such as Aunt Arctic and Gary making an appearance.

November – Nothing Planned. That makes two months with ‘nothing planned’ as of yet. Of course, CP will have stuff planned but will probably either want to keep that secret, or are torn between several ideas. My guess is that perhaps another Card-Jitsu party? The first seemed to be quite popular..

December – Holiday Party! What better way to conclude the year than to have a Holiday party? Hopefully will feature another 12-day countdown with 12 days of items. That was pretty amazing, and the Gingerbread Cookie costume will always be one of my fave free items ever released.

(Of course, there will also be Field ops, pins, new plays etc etc and probably a lot of free hats/backgrounds/pins.)

So that’s what CP has in store for us in 2012! Sounds like it will be a great year, but seems pretty strange talking about December in January..

Until next time, Waddle on!



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