PH spotted at the Puffle Party!

Greetings Penguins!

As many of you will already know, this years Puffle Party is in full swing. This year is probably the best yet as it has a total of 3 free new items! Not to mention brand new puffle costumes (members), the return of the Gigantic St. Patrick’s Day hat at the Mine Shack and the ability to turn into puffles (members)!

Anyways, I managed to find PH (Puffle Handler) the day the party arrived! She was in the play room (Ski Lodge) in the French Yeti server.  I automatically received her stamp (Which makes 11/11 character stamps!) and received her background. Neither Jim or Jim2’s friends list is working (again..) so I couldn’t add her this time.

Note: Her name is DP as this was in the French language.

Below is a screenshot which shows her background on Jim2:

From what I’ve heard, she mainly visits the Play room/Ski Lodge and the Spa. However, she has also been known to visit the Town, Plaza, Lighthouse and Pet Shop. She usually goes on more popular servers so be sure to check as many as you can. Non-members can also meet her , add her and receive her stamp/background.

So be sure to enjoy the rest of the Puffle Party (And St. Patrick’s day celebration at the Mine Shack) and hunt down PH before she leaves with the party!

Until next time, Waddle on!




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  1. Um, what are the free items? The Penguin Hat, the Puffle Hat and…..? The PH background?

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