Is Marvel too violent for CP? Are CP running out of ideas?! – Nope!

Greetings Penguins!

Ever since the Marvel Takeover was announced, many penguins were excited over a brand new party which ties in with the recent Avengers film. However, many penguins also felt that Marvel (and Scorn/Thunder Blade etc) is simply too violent for what used to be a peaceful island. Is this Disney’s fault? Or is CP simply running out of ideas for parties? Well, I decided to ask CP’s co-founder, Rsnail, what he thought!

Rsnail’s response can be seen below:

So, for all of you Disney-haters or Old-CP fanboys/girls, here is your proof from one of the founders that CP is not running out of ideas, and that Marvel is in fact “perfect” for Club Penguin! I have recently asked Rsnail if he thinks the game is getting too violent. I will update if I receive a response.

Note: I, along with more or less everyone else, do not agree with Rocky and CeCe becoming mascots during the Music Jam. That is a little too far in my opinion. However, I would love to see swords available for ninjas like in Penguin Chat 3:

Until next time, Waddle on!




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